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I got this email sent to me and I hope everyone does their Part! No-one can regret if they do their best! :laugh:


In case you are not aware, Ireland has started a bidding process to
bring the World Rally Championships (WRC) to Ireland in 2007. The
first event was run last weekend (www. rallyireland.org) , and the
next rally is in March (10th-12th). I am involved with this project.

It is a cross-border event, and so all of Ireland will benefit from
the WRC. If we get this event, it will not be a once off (like the
Ryder Cup), it will be an annual event, and it will attract more
than 200,000 spectators (and all the economic benefits that go with

Other countries that are also looking to get into the WRC are
Portugal, Norway, Jordan, Poland, the Czech Republic and also South
Africa. We need all the help we can get in the hope of securing a
place in the WRC.

Please click on the link below and sign the petition, and forward
this to as many people as possible.




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Only 529 signatures on so far, what is wrong there are over 2000 members on this board. Get your wife/ girlfriend/ boyfriend/husband, neighbour, kids, neighbours kids, neighbours dog(if he can type) granma, grandad there buddies in the OAP club to sign in, if you work in a large office get everyone to sign in, give them the link. A bit of proactivity may help, especially when we are up against countries with large populations.

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Sure you could have 2million signatures and it might not make a blind bit of difference if the FIA decide not to grant the staus to the event. Its how the event is organised, promoted and all the other things associated with the rally that the FIA will be looking at, not the number of signatures on a petition.
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