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Rally Ireland on TV

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Got this in an e-mail earlier

Rally Ireland will feature on RTE 2 this Friday, 4th November as part of the OB Sport show at 8pm.
Tune in to check out all the action!
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can I get RTE on sky here in England?
Nope tried it.........
Originally posted by gee
will it be on RPM at all does any1 know ?
dont think so G, due to wrc rights.
thats pineapple! why cant the local crews show their own footage!
Watch out for the Rally World show on Motors TV (Sky 413). They`ve been featuring rallies that are bidding for wrc status so it may be on that. ISC make the show and they were filming so it makes sense
i will also have that show.. its caled rallyworld or something like that
well that was utter crap...
good camera work but could of lasted alot longer.
they could put an hour into wrc + group n..
Anybody know if that show is repeated ? .... i missed the dam thing !!!!
Wonder who wrote the script? They seem to think Matthew Wilson is Welsh and was co-driven by Scott Martin. Pitiful.
its repeated today at 1:45
Rally Ireland is featured on this weeks ''Rally World'' show on MotorsTV so watch out for it on the listings:)
Coverage of rally ireland was ok, it got a slot at the front of the rally world progam, any pr is good pr for the bid.
Repeated on Monday at 9.30am, Tuesday at 1.00pm and 7.30pm and Wednesday at 6.00pm.

Motors TV is on Sky, channel 413.
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