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Rally Ireland - Entry List

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Does anyone have an entry list for the upcoming Rally Ireland? I heard that there were less than 50 entries received!!!
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There is no published entry list as yet. I believe it may be available by the end of this week, or possibly the start of next week, and what you heard was incorrect about the number of entries.
Glad to hear it. I hope it is well supported.
Who have you heard is doing rally ireland???? Im doing it,frank kelly,daniel barry,trevor j harding.john mc loughlin,steven moore, the mc hales, any other names to add????
Stone Mad, how comes yourself and Kelly are doing it? Ye hiring gpN or what?
I have an evo for the event and frank told me last week he was hiring conors car but he could be winding me up!!??Time will tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You should of said it to Willoughby. I was going to sit with him in Killarney on the basis that he was gonna hire Camilius Bradley's mk2 and see how we'd fair against yourself and Kelly! But he went for an Evo! Best of luck with it anyway but don't get any silly idea's of going 4wd permanently! We need the likes of yourself, Frank and Stuanton if he'd make a return!
Originally posted by cl1conw
80 entrys in total
Is that for definite?
Loix is out in a spuer 1600 ignis and Daniel Carisson out in a group n car, should be good!!!
3 mchales are confirmed! austin should be quick on the gravel so he could be an overall contender.
Matt wilson also coming!! possable winner???
Is he with "Team Silverstone":D

I hear a new 7 has come to the camp also.
brian o mahony is doing it in a s1600 and also think emily has an entry in....
No wind up Stonemad he's goin Liam sent the entry last week. also possibility of Pete goin !!!!!!!!!!!!
Yea i was talking to him 2day!! should be da crack!
I'd nearly bet Garth will be quicker than Austin on the loose
no! no! please say it is'nt so. kelly & stonemad in evo's, don't do it boy's. steer from the rear, its the only way. is this a 1 off? with out you boys in mark 2's, i dont know if i could carry on! :barf: :barf: :barf:

They can't enter the rally in the Mk2's so it's N4 machinery for the boys. Will be some battle! :D
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