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rally drivers Vs D1 drifters

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right filks the all awaited for Rally Drivers Vs D1 Drifters is here and should be some event !

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that looks like being a good event.

I hear that the drifting is some event to attend. Sure ye never get to see any sideays stuff on the stages these days.
it should be amazing depending on the drivers they get if the big names in mk2 land go it'l be unmissable but it'l be good none te less :) and yes you heard right as the talent the drift boys have is unreal but sucha different disapline to rallying
Any news on whats Rally driveres will be takin part ?
Was anyone down in Rosegreen on the Monday of the May b'holiday wknd back in 1996 when O' Neill popped in on his way home from the lakes! If you weren't, you missed the best demonstration of drifting ever seen. He went out on the track with Neville Stanley, who had the 205 National at the time and his service crew were looking on in complete disbelief, lap after lap he had the car within centemetres of the wall, literally, and at full bore. Just pure effortless, magic car control. Stanley was just playing with him, he'd close right up on the straights and then let the lad do his thing on the corners!
from D1 forum - Kieran O'Neill, David James and Paul Mulcahy have all been approached
Did I hear somewhere that they barred Paul Mulcahy(because he was too fast fo them or something):laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
kieran o neill would put a lot of drivers to shame he has unreal car control has was magic to watch in the kadett years ago
I was up there at the weekend and he mentioned being invited to a drifting event the week after the lakes but I presumed he meant the lakes in May! Sounds like he'll be there alright as long as Killarney goes o.k. JP, the car control has gone no-where, if anyone wants to see a car being drove on the limit, go to the twisty section before the church on the gap and the approach to the gap itself. Was watching a video of snip-its of him Plum did the other night, he passed Fergal Allen's Cosworth while he was on opposite lock coming thru that twisty section before the church on the Lakes in 98. Pure Magic!
i think any good rally driver could adapt to drifting easily there are no real rules and the judges commend entertainment too :cool:
the points are marked on speed, angle through bend, smoke produced, apex met ot not, the exit well executed and entertainment during thr drift ie flashing lights or hand out window drifting one handed etc
I think Paul Mulcahy (or 'Mul' as he known around Dungarvan) has sold the Starlet that made him come to public attention, but what ever he has he will be entertaining as ever:D
Originally posted by bf1
I think Paul Mulcahy (or 'Mul' as he known around Dungarvan) has sold the Starlet that made him come to public attention, but what ever he has he will be entertaining as ever:D
Your source couldn't be any worse:roll:
He still has, new engine in it now.
Quicker than ever:cool:
Will call him a muppet next time I'm talking to him:laugh:
Anyway will be good to see it out again especailly if its going to be quicker he is and keeping it going slideways :D
I think the drifters are probably better - not because of skill but because of the way there cars are set up - just look at that negative camber!!!!

They can put the car into a drift almost instantly!!!
Originally posted by gee
from D1 forum - Kieran O'Neill, David James and Paul Mulcahy have all been approached
Dont count on seeing David James there, he knows nothing about it and as its not a MI sanctioned event he could loose his competition licence if he took part.
but it aint a comp it's a demo therefore he cant afaik
From the ads I've seen and talk I've heard in the last few days it will be a comp to see who is the better drifters, anyhow even if its not it still wouldnt go down well with Motorsport Ireland if MI competition licence holders took part. I know a few guys who took part in an Autograss event and the got word that if they took part in any more Autograss events they could be subject to a Court of inquiry and loose their licences

Here is what I *think* the rules are for this sort of thing. I could go and race bikes, and there is nothing MI/FIA could do to me, as bike racing is not a sport that falls under the MI/FIA umbrella. In the same vein I dont think drifting falls under the umbrella so their would be no problem. i.e. only if I took part in a non-FIA sanctioned rally would I be subject to losing my license. (or some other sport that falls under their umbrella)

By further extension, just how many sports can the FIA dictate I cannot compete in? swimming? soccer? Daft examples I know, just trying to highlight the underlying point

Please feel free to correct the above, but thats my understanding of how it works, and I make no claims that its factually correct (why then would I post it? LOL)(i suppose to discussion really)


(as for drifting being motorsport, dont get me started :D, i'd be a first past the line (or smallest amount of accumulated time) being the winner kinda guy to call it a motorsport. Not dissing drifting here, would like to give it a go myself, and have enjoyed watching it on TV, but when someone else sitting on the sideline deceides who wins, I dont agree to calling that a motorsport, a sport sure, but the very subjective nature of the sport having judges deceide the winner is what gets me. I like objectivity )

(on another aside, would anti-competitve laws come into place here with regard to this sort of thing? (FIA dictating what sports I can comete it) again I dont know, its just a point I thought of while typing this, and you probably sign a wavier while applying for a license saying you wont do such an act)

I was a great help wasn't I :D
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i could hardly see anyone loosing their competition licences from doing a few skids around tipperary raceway sounds like a load of bollox to me but i am sure your right peespeed
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