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R555 FEL For sale

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After all the talk we did about Martin Doherty and his collection of Rally cars he has put R555 FEL up for sale at Stg 90K not a bad price for a car he paid 95k for and used it for a year. How much could you get for a slightly used Kidney these days?
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The car really belongs in a museum!!
what museum??
if this car is so wonderful why does,nt someone buy it and put it on display ??maybe the fishers ?? the last time i saw the car it was pretty average,certinaly no showpeice,baffles me why everyone goes on about this car !!
Well IMO theres not that much nostalgia attached to it because it certainly didnt give Fisher much luck apart from the Circuit in 98 which he eventually lost when McHale appealed, and the Galway & Circuit in 99 which Fisher did win.

However, it is according to my records, the last 555 built in Prodrive, and although I don't know the spec of it now, It was rumoured to be near WRC spec when Fisher had it.

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Considering that the driver the used to drive that particular car was
1.the very same man who has made irish rallying what it is today
2.holds the record for the most tarmac wins
3.had more charisma and magic than that any of the drivers of today
and it was also one of the last car he used and personally i think one of the most destinctive of the last ten years, i would take it over a s10 anyday of the week,
just the sound of the flat floor on the rev limiter was absolute magic,
im think any irish rally fan will agree the car has a certain piece of magic about it
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Car definitley has a certain something about it and an important part in Irish Rallying history
Prodrive built car very close to WRC spec, not sure of the spec of car at minute.
Would love to see this car going to a genunine collector...
if i had 90k i would go straight up and buy her and get the tough mac sticker kit on it and store it the garage i woundn't rally it in case i damaged her.
The driver and the car are legend. I came home from England after 11 years away and hardly seeing any rallying. My first event spectating was the 98 Galway and the first car I saw was that silver Subaru. The car looked amazing in it silver colours and Bertie was a joy to watch. Like MK2-if i had the money I would buy it, have it sent back to Prodrive to be rebuilt and painted in ToughMac colors again-what a car to go spectating in and perhaps the odd rally too.
beautiful car, excellent pilot, sadly missed. Nuff said
r555fel in the rite hands could beat a wrc any day!!
the narrower track of the car would stand it in good stead;)
i was look on the net to find pics and i came across this one it is not of bertie fisher but it is R555FEL

heres a link i found from page 35 of this forum think it was waylanderwrc who originally posted it http://homepage.tinet.ie/~seanmchughrally/bertie_fisher.htm
some nice pics of the late king fisher
World rally cars would be great if the could be reined in to the spec of
r555 fel. Great to see cars like that having to really hustle them down a stage:cool:
well done shamrocket them pictures are great its only when i look at them pictures it came to me how great the memories of bertie fisher are that i have. my god the man was a legend and so was the car. the fisher foundation should buy the car and display it in the toughmac colours, Bertie Fisher was a legend and the car is just a bit of legendery he left behind him, bertie is sadly gone but the memories he left us will last forever.
History wise as Rallyretro pointed it out, it was not the most sucessful car Bertie had, presntation wise it was certainly the most striking and his last proper rally car. The car itself, was the very last 555 built by prodrive and the records do show this, but it was also built to WRC 98 spec, although what exactly this entailed prodrive were a bit vague at the time. The car with the most history attached is L555 FEL and I think the most sucessul of Berties cars.
But R555 FEL brought presentation, imaging and the rallying memorabilia to a whole new height in Ireland.
and im just windering too clan was toughmac one of the first irish rally teams to start their on motorsport clothing range, if not they were definitly the first to produce stunning rally jackets on these shores, i would still love to get one of those jackets but i would imagine there like hens teeth nowadays,
i have a toughmac shirt which i bought 6 years ago and its still looking well,
the good old days will never be beaten
My favorite car by far, lovely sound out of her.

I have a great clip of bertie in lugran park a few years back,, if anyone wants it, give me a mail and i will mail it on...

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