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Predictions for cork 20

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Predictions for cork 20

What are youre predictions for cork??
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1. McNulty
2. McGarrity
3. Boland

Reckon it will be really tight between top 4 or 5

Jennings for Group N
McNulty or DMG to win, Eugene in the points to secure the championship.
I see none of you guys seem to rate our visitors. I wonder why?? Sunday afternoon will reveal all.

I hope the visitors have a real good cut with our top boys, but as far as i know and guess by the location of the stages, they are the same as last year ...i stand corrected... so the irish lads have an advantage already!

Roll on saturday morning, i can hear the anti-lag in the distance already:D:laugh:
Originally posted by Clan
I see none of you guys seem to rate our visitors. I wonder why?? Sunday afternoon will reveal all.
to be honest i dont know how good these guys are,but i would be very surprised if there is one of them on the podium.its there first irish event. a lot different to those big massive hairpins they are used to. i could be wrong
Tsjoen is very quick, saw him win Flanders in 2000

He will be hard pushed to keep up with our boys, I think..

IRC2006 on sale soon.....
Remember Paul Liaeter in Killarney in the Lotus Sunbeam, in the eigthies on his first visit. He made the Irish boys look very hard in there mirrors, only for punctures he would have been on the podium at the rallys end.
Tsjoen is indeed very quick, personnally I would rate above Duval, but that is my opinion.
Those Russians in the M3 gave Bertie and Austin bother in Killarney too in 1990 I think it was. Could have had the win
i think Donnolly will win it fron tim and dell boy in third
Junior predictions any one?? Tough top seven or so!!!
o grady.
Jason O' Mahony went very well in Killarney, but in saying that I ain't sticking my neck on the line! As someone said bout top modified in wexford, if you can call this one, get down to the shop and do the lotto!
Originally posted by AnnieJ1
Junior predictions any one?? Tough top seven or so!!!
Jason Ryan if trouble free, i think
i think Colin O Toole will be hard to beat in the juniors
Ya Ryan & OMahoney are 2 quick men too! but personally i recon it will be da crew with da most 'neck' that will take it!!! Stages are lovely, but unreal fast!!
Dont expect Donnelly to win coz he has the championship to think of, Unless dmg pushes him. Whatever happens lets hope there isnt a repeat of last year!
Barry Meade 2 take his madain win on home turf !
donnely by a minute
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