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Poll that deserves a vote.

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I got an e mail from a friend who saw this on another rally forum.

Basically BBC do a sports star every year, its a public vote (Mc Rae might have won it one yr?) Normally a muppet like Nigel Mansell or Cederic the Cricket Wicket wins the award, but this yr how about nominating a true sports star.........Michael Park.

Now my mate knows how us "Rally Paddys" as he put it can vote so well on internet polls and push a result in a given way so how about we "keep it real and true" homies and go vote for a very deserving star and a rallyman to boot.

It would be a fitting tribute to the man and his family for him to be remembered this way and win a national award.

Link here where we can make this happen-
Vote For Michael Beef Park

Ps If you agree E Mail thi son to your friends
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I think McRae was third the year he won the world championship. I don't think the two people who finished above him were world champions
The vote only makes up a small % of the final outcome so even if 10,000,000 people put a vote in for beef he still may not win.

He has my vote
you can vote as many times, once you use a different e-mail address.
he truly deserves it
got both my votes:laugh: would be very deserved if he gets it, trully was a personality
I have voted using 6 email addresses and emailed over 350 people. If everyone passes it on when they get it, the potential is there.
I've voted using 5 email addresses and emailed about 50 people.
Hope he gets it as he would be a very deserving winner.
Thats the spirit folks!! we will win it for the mans memory yet!!

Now if only we had of been able to do the same to them cunts Motoring News when thye put that awfull pic on the front cover, and to Mc Illroy for Autosport:mad:

But thats history and another thread.

Keep up the good work, Irish Vote Pushing is alive and well!!
Mr McIlroy does not work for Autosport anymore Tropsrotom
oh ok, but unless Im wrong (and correct me if I am) but did he not stand up and be counted almost with pride

(and I know pride is the wrong word here- perhaps without qualm or embarrasment or remorse) -??

anyway did he not in a public manner state that it was his albeit difficult position to run with a picture of a passing soul on the front cover of Autosport, did he not defend it from a journalistic stand point?

All I could think of when I saw it was M Parks kids- God forbid I was killed at a rally I would hate for my 2 kids to see my final moments in full colour on a magazine cover- I just hope the journalists concerned are proud of their acheivements and I hope none of their loved ones ever meet tragedy or misfortune and are treated by some gutter journalist in the same way.

Not to be argumentative but it makes my blood boil (sorry)
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