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pictures but not rallying

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happened upon this link and even though it ain't rallying it's soe amazing camera work in my eyes from one of the best drift photographersd out there, amazing !


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wee bits \'a plant

jasus i love them wee japanese bits a plant and the cars aint bad either!!

Hard to beat the old AE86 Twin-cam - would love to own one but to much of a stigma with them plus there bloody expensive for a car thats 20 years old!!!
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You might get one in as a Jap import-it amazes me that they are still on the road after all this time as in those days toyotas used to rust to bits in no time
and the money the aul AE86 coupes are getting is stupid! £4k rising to £12k and thats sterling :O
yea there expensive alrite, but dey hav notin on a mk2 escort
Happen to know where there is one, needs work but the guy could well be open to offers, stripped out as it was to be made into a rally car.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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