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Does anyone have a timetable/schedule for broadcasts of On The Limit Sports? They don't seem to be getting as much air time this year.
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I agree its hard to get schedules of upcoming programmes, This years programmes dont show whats on the next week at end of each program.
Also appears to be less shown on Men&Moters and TG4.
TV3 has it on every saturday morning between 11.00 and 1200 approx
men & motors seem to be cutting any of the half decent stuff that used to be shown
Are u sure it on every monday as its not advertised.
Its on this sunday at 2pm for an hour then next wed at 11am on men and motors
Originally posted by abe1234
its on tg4 every monday nite round 12:)
Should that not be TV3 on a Monday night
ur the man:p

I can catch all the ones I missed when I was in the pub!
I can download it ok.but how do I covert it so I can record it onto dvd with a perfect picture?
Originally posted by Tropsrotom
ur the man:p

I can catch all the ones I missed when I was in the pub!
glad i could be of service

and i dont know how you would do the dvd thing

the size i cap it at wouldent be good for dvd
Well Men and motors have really done it now.........Irish rally was supposed to be on for 1 hour today at 2pm and instead I see Manx GP what sort of a useless channel is that!!!!!!!!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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