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just wondering did o'connell buy that number plate that was on the white escort that he was driving at the down Rally:dunno:

The reg was CIL 999 ex fisher plate:dunno::dunno:
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until very recently that plate was on an escort cosworth in the UK, before that the same owner had it on his White MK11.
I too was intrigued to see the plate on the photos of O Connell. But Clan, I remember seeing an entry list from an English Rally last year with CIL 999 on a Mk2, driven by the same guy who owns Road Runner. So maybe O'connell bought car and plate?
i think o'connells white mk2 was left hand drive and then converted to right

i dont no may be i am wrong:dunno:
is it not cil 9951 ??? :cool:

thats what i heard! :cool:
Gus, you could be right. But he definitely ran with that plate on his Cossie as well He might have still owned both cars used the plate on the cossie and then eventually sold the MK11+ plate , if so I wonder did he advertise it sell it as an ex Fisher car.
Or maybe the cossie is now GIL999
i know he has 3 bda's and i think he bought an ex works plate for the other one? i think its a bought to fit. its still a bda plate on a bda. fair play
Originally posted by touch of the clutch
i know he has 3 bda's
and a bdx
it looks like cil 999 in the photo
she must be cil 995 and they have put a screw in the 5 to look like 9:p:idea:
looking at the picture on Gee's site it is CIL 999, now it could be that roadrunner motorsport sold their MK11 with the CIL999 plate and bought a new one GIL999 for the Cossie. Or CIL999 is still on the Cossie and the Escort mk11 is running a illegal plate.
Certainly CIL999 was used by Roadrunner motorsport on the Cossie, but this may have changed. More then likely they sold the car plate and all.
A bit of topic i suppose but just looking for a bit of information on a fisher plate. DIL 999 Bertie's Ascona 400 plate is on an audi quattro somewhere (pretty sure it's in the U.K), it's in Rothman's livery i think? Does anybody know who owns this quattro?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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