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NI Series 2005 review

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Can anyone tell me if there will be a dvd of the NI Series 2005 released...
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So nobody knows if there is a review out (not even SVS) THANX FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!
don't know if theres a review, but ive bought a few dvds of the programmes i missed on tv
NIRC 2005 Review

Apologies Ste0411 !

We haven't really looked into it until now. As you know we have done them in the past but it would depend on the number of people interested in a review being produced.

Perhaps others would like to offer their comments on whether a season review of the Northern Ireland Rally Championship would be worth putting together and if it were to be made - would they be interested in purchasing one.

One suggestion may be to compile all the TV Programmes into 2 or 3 DVDs and sold as a pack. This would mean releasing the final product very quickly or would there need to be a new edited production required (which would take longer to put together properly)???

Please let me know what you all think.

Best Regards,

Terence J. Hegarty
SVS Productions
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I would definately purchase either but I would say 1 dvd with highlights would be better and deffo worth waiting for
I say the programmes are of such quality already just bang them on a DVD and away you go- top show good work SVS look forard to 06
i would by a proper review ..not a complation
I would buy a compilation, whats not a proper review about that?

Is it not real and true enough?
I John that would be a good idea wouldnt just be thinking its what youve already seen as there would be a few differnt bits in it :D
she'd be some review, 9 or 10 hours of NIRC.lol
This is getting some feedback now lol
Only problem is now we cant agree!!!!

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well i haven't seen any of the TV programs on sky so i for sure would rather have a DVD or 3 with all of them on it at the right price !
Either would be good if the price is reasonable, I like ral.ly's idea tho, all on a couple of dvds with bonus incar footage, whos complaining if its hours long, if it has menus we can jump to the bits that interest us most
great idea.

Compilation would be mighty. I don't know how much is costs to produce dvd's but I reckon if ye keep it cheap and sell it yourself from the website to keep costs down would be a winner. Anything over £20 would be pricy, but at say £15 it would fly out. Also, if yer guys had a few copies on them when out filming next year, at least then the spectators would know to approach the svs tabbard guuys and buy from them also. Hard cash, no need for the taxman.....
This thread has gone stale again..........
Is there any news on this..........
why not?
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