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NI championship - ideas to improve?

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Any Ideas on improving the NI championship.???

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Drop The 2 Roundy Roundy Rounds + Have The Championship Points Updated For Everybody To See After Each Event:caution:
make it all gravel and run 2wds at the front.:cool:
i think they have a good balance at present ..at bit more pr for all clas,s as it all about the over all at present..maby a 2wd ni champ as well as 4 wd one
Take Kirkistown and Bishopscourt out of it. Add the Ulster Rally National event. Ban WRC. If we get a world rally round you wont need to have them in a Nat B event.
Kirk and Bishopscourt r proper driver events! All that want these axed obviously aint fit 4 it....
Hopefully next season will be half tar n half gravel so no hassle wif changing car setup from tar 2 gravel n back 2 tar! I think this puts people off doin the Sperrins or mayb the Mourne!
Kirk and bishopscort arnt rallys. If u want 2go round a track there are lots of types of motorsport for that! But not rallying
would like to see more tarmac events on roads instead of the race tracks
( the race tracks are still good fun )and all the tarmac together then all the gravel. less expense chaging car over.
Originally posted by cathal
make it all gravel and run 2wds at the front.:cool:
Someone of my own thinking!!!;)
Have 2 championships, 1 tarmac and 1 gravel. As for dropping the race tracks maybe, but remember they offer drivers a chance to test the limits of their cars with slightly less chance of severe damage. They also make a perfect training ground for first timers. They do have a place! I agree more stage rallies should be held on the roads but where are the road closure orders going to come from? Anyone got an answer for that one?
Surely You Cant Say That You Prefer This Tracks To A Proper Road Stage

Originally posted by Mike
Kirk and Bishopscourt r proper driver events! All that want these axed obviously aint fit 4 it....
give the 2WD runners far more prominance than they do at the moment. imo the best local events at the moment tend to be the 2WD only ones.... NI champ can at times be a 'little predictable' with a couple of WRC's runnign on every round.
NO WRC's ... wot about a one make series and a budget .... 1000cc class ,wif control tyres ?
ooh and where are the girls ???
IMO, ban the wrc's, maybe very controversial but overall for the good of the championship, i think its is the way forward.

At the minute its all a bit predictable with a few drivers, although quality drivers, running away with the events. But there are a lot of excellent drivers out there who don't have the 100's of thousands it takes to win the championship.

Make it gpn and 2wd only, 50k gets you a motor capable of winning the championship and would bring a lot of younger drivers into contention.

Dont get me wrong, its good to see some of the latest cars on our stages and the drivers should be thanked for making the big investment but WRC's are 'world rally cars' not cars for National B rallies.

The Middle East Championship and European Championship have gone the gpn route and the British Championship is going that way so why shouldn't we.
ban wrc's... what???????

its great to see the mark 2's etc but the wrc cars are the ones to watch, just look at how rubbish the entry for the rally of the glenns with only a few wrc cars, no kpl and co, come on guys the wrc drivers are very much on the limit when they turn up!!

imagine no wrc cars in the national championship etc, it woundnt be worth going out the door to watch...
I would go af far as allowing only grp a stuff downwards to compete for overall honours. Would help to keep costs down
Banning WRCs would be pointless, a lot of people come out to see them, Bishopscourt had a very good crowd this year helped I believe by McGarrity in the Skoda, these cars are a draw. How many turned up to watch him at the same venue in the Kadett?
Money will nearly always win over gonads/talent, money can buy you the toys and allow you the seat time to learn how to play with them and even let you fix them when you break them, get used to it no rule will ever change this unless you turn it into a 1 make championship and who wants this??
i supose it depends on whether you look at improvements from a competitor or spectator point of view.

But realistically, at the end of the day NI championship rallies do not take place to entertain spectators. yeah, it would be great if the NI championship was full of 20 top spec wrc stuff all fighting it out for the championship, but it isnt. Theres two or three really top men and the rest are also rans because there havent the machinery.

Surely an improved championship would be where there would be a whole lot of drivers in with a shout of winning it, in roughly equal machinery. The only way of doing that is to cut costs.
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