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Hello everyone, Im new to the board. I was registered at one time, but my computer crashed and took the bookmark with it. Anyway, its nice to have found you guys again. Ive been a fan of rallying for some years now, and being from Memphis, TN, USA, the heart of NASCAR country, ita bit of a lonely passion. Thats ok tho, I have my own forum area on www.memphisracingscene.com and more and more people are discovering rally.

Thank you very much for having me on!


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Nice having you ,any ralling news over there yhay would be of interest.
HI welcome you choose the right sport to be a fan of hard to beat the rallying now bit unique compared to all other types of motorsport :p;)

Welcome again

Fuck yeah!

them good ole boys can wreck yokes

any rallying in your area?

whats happenin with rallying over there I thought it was with a new club and was going to be better than ever this year?
Welcome 2 Irish Rallying Rally cat
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