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New Renault Super 2000

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Think it looks amazing. Toyota has a Super 2000 car in South Africa. After the fatal accident on Rally GB I would not be surprised if the WRC car concept gets outlawed. Group B was banned because the cars were too fast and now they could not keep up with modern WRC cars. Its time to get back to basics, less techno gizmos, build a good strong car, optional 4WD, ban turbos and electronics and the car must be based on a current production model. The RS1800, Fiat 131, Toyota Celica, etc were all based on production cars and it was the guy with the skill who won, not the guy with the toys.
Couldn't agree more, WRC is quickly turning into F1, were drivers don't need ability just a degree In computers
what is s2000? heard and read alot about it but i dont fully understand??? is it a concept ? is it the a new series to join the wrc? or is it on the cards to replace wrc cars? i would be dissapointed if it did but i feel the modern wrc car is on its last legs...there seems to be quite a few s2000s about i seen a fiat one on some web site and it looked sweet..so why are manufacturers designing these cars:dunno: answers please:D
Super 2000 is a new FIA category, bridging the gap between Super 1600 and WRC. Cars are four wheel drive, 2-litre, non-turbo. I think it will be included in the World Champinship next year (or 2007?). They will be allowed in the European Championship, Asia-Pacific Championship etc. from which WRC cars have already been banned.
if this category takes off it could be great. Lower costs means teams can run more cars and more manufacturers may join. Less techy bits means more reliability and less running costs, which could allow longer rallies (manly length rallies like old rac!!!):idea:
it isnt much different from wrc cars. all there is, is that s2000 is normally aspirated and has non-active diffs, and all that the non-active diffs will do is make it a pig of a yoke to drive!!!!!:p

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was a Legacy active or the old 4 door Imprezas?? They were great to watch, harder they are to drive the sooner real drivers will get the WRC seats and not the boys with the cash
ya the legeacys would have been non-active cars, and if you can think back the likes of fishers old car L 555 FEL (in mobil 1 colors)with the lower rear spoiler would have been a non-active car also.It was only the later gpA imprezas that became semi-active

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