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new N12

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anybody know when it is going to be homoligated and any irish interest in it yet:dunno::dunno:
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Will have to do some digging about it as the new roadgoing Sti is 2.5 litre not 2.0..
that's a bit strange isn't it. why would they do this,
Did i hear that Brendan Murphy mite be driving an N10 or N11 next year?? he should go well in a good car!!!??
Japan spec still running 2.0ltr so homologation will come from there i assume.
Don;t know where the LHD 2.0 ltr will be sold or even if it exists
herd last year that Brendan Murphy had donie o sullivans focus bought then there was a n10 for this year a lot of tunder out of that camp but realy what has he proved ok he's quick down in the woods in cork but thats only one rally
v800, you would what to get yours facts right before you just write what comes into your head, every year there is alot of talk of whats happening. quick in cork,and wales.....etc. lets just see what happening this year before the boot goes into the mouth and fictional words appear again on the screen. and stonemad is right in my opinion a good car will change alot next year.
any word on any irish boys going out in an n12 next year,?
The first Prodrive Impreza N12s will be available in November 2005, and Prodrive aims to build at least 40 of the new cars.

At £100,000 a go thats a lot of dough--£4M- £4ms worth of-zzzzzzzzubarus
Man it looks gorgeous but at that money is Mrs Wax right all pounds and then zzzzzzsss as no one will be making them go hard as the cubs that can get daddy to buy them cant drive and those that can drive dont have rich Daddies??
not always true are you sayin young curren can't drive?????????
Mick Curran can drive, a real nice guy as well, good to see him winning a national championship gp n in a sensible car, not costing the earth

jasus shes a fair bit a plant the american sti has 2.5 and 300hp plus about 25 i'd say
No your right M Curran can drive, he was the man of the National this year in Grp N
no body could touch him this year hope he keeps moving up in the classes
@kkknaskar only thing is 2.5 isn't legal in Group N or WR Cars so they are using the 2.0 Spec-C engine, have a look at the link above
I saw the new N12 in Rally Finland. Tommi Makinen rallying had one on display in service during the rally
I've been told that Eoin Doyle from Mooncoin has an N12 ordered for next year
i heard he was selling his old car about a month ago alright
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