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New Focus

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Just wonderin, were the focuses in Austrailia runnin with the machanical diffs as it would seem pretty pointless runnin active diffs when the cars are banned from usin them next year?
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The focus ran on next years speck, it wasnt all that bad concidering the changes they made and could well be a big force next .year
wasn't bad at all, they set a fastest time with it too i think? gronholm wil be pretty hard to catch next year i reckon!
Originally posted by RS1800
wasn't bad at all, they set a fastest time with it too i think? gronholm wil be pretty hard to catch next year i reckon!
gronholm is going to be in a differnt league next year even to the likes of loeb:eek:
who's Mitsubishi's no1 for next year :dunno::dunno:
harri n gg are good drivers but not no.1 material.
could it be that mcrae could be a surprise signing :dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno:
Its a great looking car
Personally I think the new focus is the most pig ugly thing ive seen since the 2001 bug eyed subaru came out!

real shame since the last focus was mean looking- but m-sport hadnt really much to work from saying as the road car is awful looking to start with

If you parked the new focus and the old one side by side and asked someone who knew nothing about cars to say which was the newer model I dont think too many would say the saggy middle aged looking blob thats out now!:barf:
Who cares what it looks like, as long as it goes like stink!
yeah well said ian the front is not that bad but the old one looks better
Ruby as if you would know..
I think it looks fantastic and is a very promising package for next year. I can't wait to see it in the flesh on the stages in Monte now :)
You lucky bugger Clara......
I think it looks superb.
who buggered Ciara?

waylander, have ye been up to your old tricks again?

down boy. Calm yourself.

Catch a grip of yourself. Not that way.

Ah Penelope. Thats it.
Ahh Kenny, I have missed your unrelenting, peccant wit...
I don't like the wheels on the new focus (soundin like a freak i know) in gravel spec. They're the same as what the Impreza now runs on aswell. They're rotten funny multispoke wheels, they must have some benefit (low weight?) but still, they don't help the looks of a car which isn't drop dead gorgeous!!
The current crop of WRC cars are starting to look like the group B monsters of the 80s.

At least when group A came along the cars bore some resemblance to the street version-just like to good old days of the RS 1800 Fiat 131 & Manta.

Renault 5, M3, Cossie, Lancia, Audi, etc.

The new Focus is UGLY-pure and simple.
well i like it! i must be the only fan of it then i suppose! :laugh:
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