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Navigator available for Fastnet rally

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Declan gallagher

normally sits with Columba Heena in class 11

Has sat with Joe Mc Hugh on 3 occasions this year finishing

9th overall in Sligo
10th overall in Stonthrowers
11th overall in Clare

Anything considered. phone declan on 0879012554 or u2u me
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Hey Eoin what happened Columba in da harvest?? My cousin was co drivin for him tried ringin both of them that weekend, couldnt get through???:dunno:
he could'nt keep up with alcorn + the boys thats what:roll:
Id like to see alcorn to come down south and take on a few down ere!! like Stafford, Kennedy, Sommers!!! Would be very interesting!I hear he is a mad man in da car!
is alcorn from donegal????
yeah ! i'd say on a good stage put him against any other driver in his class + they all have a clear go at it. he'd b the winner.:cool:
Wouldnt think so anfearmor! How many single stages has he won????? Stafford has 2 behind his belt!!! Kennedy 8th over all in Wexford rally this year!! He would have his work cut out for him!!!
Im with anfearmor, stafford was beaten in killarney juniors by your man Conlon from Monaghan & Conlon can't get near the pace of Alcorn..
Alcorn has one single stage under his belt probably because its the only one he ever done. Now who all is goin in class 11 in the GSMC rally, cause if anyone from down south wanted to prove themselves its now time as i believe Alcorn is goin but so is Manus Kelly. Still time to get an entry in for anyone who is interested!!!!!!!!! Also could someone tell Pat Donegan to put in an entry as some people think he is the top class 13 man in the country well he wont be in the GSMC and if your wondering whos goin to beat him ask him who was beating him in the Northeast Mini-Rally before the car stopped!!!
I've wrote this in on a number off occasions, there are two James Staffords, one usually drives and one usually navigates! Right here we go again! James snr drives the Nova, has won two single stages, imo is the quickest 1600cc pilot in Ireland. James jnr usually navigates but got a lend of james snr's Nova for the junior lakes in 2004 and won it. He has just won the 205 challenge and is also a serious pilot. I imagine hoping from a standard spec 205 to a lhd widetrack S1600 Puma and ur 1st miles being Molls Gap is a fair learning curve but he set fastest time on the 3rd stage (Caragh Lake) and may have won it if the last stage hadn't of been cancelled.
Terence Shaughnessy's name hasn't been mentioned here at all for the gsmc class 11. Alcorn an all the rest will get a fair fright when they go to match their times with his.
I agree with slowpoke!! Shaughnessy is one hell of a piliot!!! Puts in some serious times!!
well he is the only person i would say will be close at all, could have a nice battle to watch there!! but in saying that Shaughnessy would be local too so it mightnt be very fair!!! any word on who all is goin so far?
terrence shaughnessy wont have his twin cam in the gsmc rally he will drive seamus doyles 2.0 16v mk2 escort the car with the tractive sequental gerabox, he is using the car to try out the tractive box as he is thinking quite strongly of buying a tractive for the twin cam corolla the he normally drives
I'll put on money that alcorn will beat any other 1600 man! He caught power in a super 1600 in the single stage he won!! he cleaned Conlon and henna in a couple of rallys and Conlon beat stafford so all in all that would mean he'd beat him too.

Face it people Alcorn will not be beaten take a look at his time over stage one in the harvest, he has done very little rallying still in single figures, he's just a natural talent. Will drive the door handles off anything, wht else would dmg be sponsoring him!!!

Shaughnessy's quick but as far as i know Alcorn beat him already in some rally about a month ago, could be wrong tho??
Originally posted by Kit Car

Face it people Alcorn will not be beaten

is alcorn some kind of a god up in the north west :dunno::dunno:
Kit Car, did you read my previous post! There's 2 James Staffords! Conlon never rallied against James Stafford who usually drives the Nova. Stafford beat James Coleman and Alan Doherty to win his first single stage and beat O Shaughnessy, Seamus Doyle abnd Willy Whitty to win his second. He beat O' Shaughnessy by a minute on the rock, and he's always on the pace of any of the class 13 boys wherever he goes. Back in the foot and mouth yr he put his 1300 Nova into 11th overall on an unrestricted single stage, 10secs back from a certain Garry Jennings in a 106 cup car and the top 5 in that rally read Jimmy Lambert, David James, Philip Shaw, John Nolan and Tommy Randles.
All correct Hbx, and that 1300 Nova was only an 8 valve car!!!
Stafford is a great driver!!
Not slatin Alcorn or anything but some people seem to be a bit obsessed with him!!!
Shaughnessy beat Alcorn in the north east single stage last year. All of Alcorn's supporters are in for a big shock come that sunday evening As far as i no terence is using the twin cam an is putting the box into it for the day.
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