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National Ch'Ship next year.

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Have just seen this on rallynews.net regarding Dunlop sponsoring the National Championship next year.........

"Richard Warbrick, MD of Goodyear/Dunlop Ireland, speaking at the prize presentation last weekend, did not quite commit Dunlop to backing the National Championship in 2006. Warbrick feels that one of the ten constituent rallies, which are earmarked to make up the series in 2006, does not endorse the championship or its sponsor. Warbrick feels therefore that there is no sense in continuing, unless that particular situation is resolved. However, if that particular hurdle is overcome, Warbrick pledged to lend his authority behind further raising the profile of this premier championship"

Anyone know what this is about??
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Talks of a certain club thinkin they are better than the championship..
They are Warbrick words....(he also named the club)
i think we all know what club he is talking about! was a club not excluded from the 2004 series over not advertising the championship and its sponser properly??
I could be wrong but my understanding is that it is a club which ran a very recent rally say the end of championship perhaps, and their COC allegedly made comments that the National Championship would have to improve and pull up his socks if it were to be involved with their rally next year.

I cant be sure the club or its officials really have this attitude, but if they in fact do, well then Warbricks comments at the prizegiving would seem justified to me?

He was also a bit scathing about finish ramps this year, Im not sure of the exact point he was trying to get accross. was he unhappy with the location of finishes or of the format of finish ceremony?
would the club that mr dunlop was talking about be very found of a certain type of ford rally car :idea:

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Ah yes, remembering now!!!
any club that opts out of the national championship or is dropped from the series will have to run an event under observation the rallies committee are trying to improve the standards of the championship. this was told to me by a member of the rallies committee, limerick isnt is the running their rally as around of the national next year either but thats for obvious reasons
Originally posted by fatboymotorsport
would the club that mr dunlop was talking about be very found of a certain type of ford rally car :idea:

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If you are thinking about the Leinster club who didnt have Dunlop on programmes one year, well thats not the club I believe the criticism was towards at the prizegiving, Its a club in the Munster region, (allegedly)

Apart from that the speeches at the prizegiving were one big love fest (allegedly)
No I wont bother thanks.
Why not tell the concerned club to buggy off and offer it to another club? There must be plenty of events that would love to get national status.-WEXFORD RALLY?
its skibbereen is the problem,anyone that was at the prize giving or finish ramp knows what mr dunlop was on about.....
Ray Breen arrives to finish ramp thinking he has won the rally and is told as he goes onto the ramp sorry you havent won the rally so reverses off the ramp and is then told hold on a minute you have....what a joke...

as for the prize giving that speeks for its self,the way the coc went on i wouldnt leave him direct traffic let alone run a rally the mans not well......it was an imbarrisment to both dunlop,skbbereen motorclub,and irish rallying.....

Ever heard the saying whats the difference between mosses and god.....GOD DOESNT THINK HES MOSSES...........:caution::caution:
Well chuck skibbereen out and reinstate Carlow
DONTLIFTED if your going to make a statment should put your name to it, Donocha Hayes is one of the most liked and respected men in rallying, he ran a rally in appaling weather condictions and they kept it running on time which was nothing short of a miracle, he and his team worked wonders that day. As for the incident at the finish ramp, you would swear it was the first rally ever to have a timing misjudgment. It was a simple case of someones handwriting being mis-understood and it was resolved very quickly, it was ten minutes max.
One of the reasons he is so well liked and respected is because he wears his heart on his sleeve and has done always, he loves the sport as much as anyone in the country and the cheer he received at the prizegiving was as big a cheer as I've ever heard for a COC. Skibereen made their event the cheapest 1 day event to enter in 2005 so why shouldn't he say that at the prizegiving? It was a fact.
I for one will be in Skibereen in 2006 and if i'm not lucky enough to be competing, i'll stand at a stage entrance or exit or block a gap in a ditch or whatever they need doing. It's a fabulous rally that has one if the best atmosphere's around it.

Gary Nolan
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Carlow is already a round of the National next year
Ah good-the stages down that part are good and its only an hour from Dublin too. Nice to have an event a bit closer to home.
Well said Hbx. Moses is without doubt the finest CoC in this country. If Motorsport Ireland had him out doing the Training Courses instead of the Gombeens they have, Irish Rallying would be far richer for it. Yes the weather was terrible, we stood out in it marshaling all day. If a few of them ones who'd prefer the stages a bit nearer home would do a bit more marshaling, maybe their own clubs could run events too. The HQ has definately been outgrown by the event, but this too seems to be in hand as there is already a huge new Hotel going up in its place. If every club in the country was as hard working as the members of SDCC, we'd have had Rally Ireland years ago, Moses would be CoC and there would be a few more than 60 entries. And before anyone asks, no I'm not a member of SDCC.
South Dublin County Council-since when did they do rallies.:p
Originally posted by DONTLIFTTED
it was an embarrisment to both dunlop,skbbereen motorclub,and irish rallying.....

Ever heard the saying whats the difference between mosses and god.....GOD DOESNT THINK HES MOSSES...........:caution::caution:
Thats some dry wit there!:p
well said HBX,Donocha is def one of de best COC'S to run an event.His knowledge and experience speaks for itself.I for one really enjoyed the rally and for it to run on time wit no disasters is a credit to the man.he along wit everyone in skibb club put alot of hard work into the rally and it showed.He obviously woznt slatin the backing of the event without good reason,ill b tryin to get bac and do the event again next year as i dont think u get the same craic on many other events.And just to say cause most prob wont know but Donocha hayes waited at the end of the last stage to shake hands and congratulate the competitors,how many other COC'S have done that?
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