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model building

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Hi all.

Any model builders out there, can you give me a bit of help. I've got a place that can supply me with water based transfer paper for printing on, but they are not in this country. Are there any suppliers of such materials in GB or IRE?

thanks! Andy.
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Try Crafty Computer Paper.com-on the net-in the UK. They do laser and inkjet decal paper, clear and white. 20 sheets is about 20 quid.

Link http://www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk/
I'm just building a Malcolm Wilson Focus WRC from the MW stages 03 when Matthew co drove for the old man
Subaru Group N model.
N11 mirrors to be fitted soon

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I have decided to have another go at building a workshop diorama so heres the base of the place and all the rest of the bits ie tools, work benches, 2 poster lift and a few models in different stages of build will be included

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The pic of the workshop above will be used as an Opel Corsa S1600 workshop with 3 S1600 Corsa models in it.

One will be a crashed car being stripped down, one will be a car just built and the other will be on the 2 poster lift being re fettled.

I am going to put as much detail into it as I can
will post pics when finished or part way through the build

Heres the first pic of the diorama which I am waiting delivery of two more Corsa models to finish it off plus a load of items such as work benches, tool boxes, vices for the benches and bench drills.

I have the mechanic figures and trolley jacks plus just making more pics for the walls

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My other 2 Corsa's arrived today so I have added them to see how much different the diorama looks.
Still a lot more detail to go into this

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fair plate 2ya mark thats fair cool looking make sure u keep us informed.
mark thats unreal, you deserve a medal for having patients to do that so well !
Cheers boys for the comments.
Just got somemore bits today which will be added.

Including the models the whole thing is standing me at about £90 and rising lol
are these models die-cast or plastic!!
I have just go the MG S1600 model of Natalie Barratt and the Evans Hotwheels model.

Here's a pic of the Barratt kit

I wish there where more posts from other collectors and not just mostly me
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I am just decaling up an AutoArt 1/43rd scale S9 in Jim Harrison livery.
Pics will appear when finished
Well after doing Rally model after Rally model I wanted a change so I have started to make this Legacy chase/management car up

I will ad more inside the model ie petrol cans, maybe a jack and other bits.
Just looking through all my decals to see what else can go on it

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