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Mitsubishi Announce Evolution Cup

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Mitsubishi Motors UK are pleased to announce the Mitsubishi Ralliart Evolution Cup which will run as a Class for homologated Group N Lancer Evolutions in both the MSA National Gravel Rally and the Rallymasters Championships.

With the Evolution Challenge moving to the British Rally Championship in 2006, series organisers are aware that some Mitsubishi competitors may not wish to compete at International level and therefore now offer support for those who choose to enter National status events.

There will be two separate series': One which will follow all seven rounds of the MSA National Gravel Championship and another which will follow all six rounds of the Rallymasters Championship.

Vouchers, which can be exchanged for Mitsubishi parts, will be awarded to the first three competitors on each round and at the end of the year, the total prize fund value being in excess of £12,000.

Paul Brigden, General Manager for Ralliart, said:

"We are pleased to offer continued support for Mitsubishi competitors at National level. We see this initiative as a way of providing feeder series' for the Evolution Challenge and trust it will give teams an incentive to compete in Lancers in both the MSA National Gravel and Rallymasters Championships".

Organisers are keen to point out that that these two series' are designed to support the Evolution Challenge, where again in 2006, registered competitors will be able to battle for the best prize in British rallying: The chance to become a Mitsubishi works driver in 2007.

For further information on the Mitsubishi Ralliart Evolution Challenge and the Evolution Cup series', please contact Championship Coordinator, Simon Slade: 01935 424873, [email protected].

2006 Evolution Cup - Calendar of Events

MSA National Gravel Rally Championship
24th & 25th February - Rallye Sunseeker
18th March - Border Counties Rally
5th & 6th May - Manx National Rally
3rd June - Mutiny Rally
22nd July - Swansea Bay Rally
9th September - Park Systems Stages
21st October - Bulldog Rally

Rallymasters Championship
8th April - Rally of Wales
13th May - Pirelli National Rally
7th & 8th July - Jim Clark National Rally
1st & 2nd September - Ulster National Rally
7th October - Trackrod National Rally
11th November - Tempest National Rally

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