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McRae's Escort-Magazine Feature

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McRae\'s Escort-Magazine Feature

If anyone is interested there is a full feature in the current issue of Classic Ford magazine about McRae’s Escort MK II-about six pages in all giving the full spec on everything from the diff to the washer bottle. I am a bit overcome as normally my posts are less informative and more cynical-pills must be wearing off-Hey Doc......:roll:

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Well done, a positve contribution.

I shall buy that magazine later today.

Thank you.
whats happening :dunno:

ruby n trop r agreeing for once! just heard on the news hell has froze over:laugh:

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I am magnamious and gracious to a fault. ;)
The article is the dogs bollocks and looking at the car I dont think there is a better specced Escort around
did anybody c the mc rae in car of killarney??

on the last spin up molls gap he did a 8min.08sec . donnelly did that exact time the first run up the gap unreal:D
It is 1 awesome car......
I would imagine that Classic Ford will be selling very well this month......
Either Tropsrotom

A--Has had a bang on the head
B-Has taken my advice to keep taking the pills
C-Has seen the error of his ways and is repentant.

Nice to see him mellow anyway and hope he enjoys the read.:roll:


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i think you will find mc raes time of 8.08 up the gap was in the dry whereas donnelys time up the gap was in the pissing rain !!mc garrity was fastest up the gap to win the fisher trophy on 7.28 !!
Aye DMG had some run up the gap, I was spectating near the end and fuck me was he committed.

Im going to be shot for saying this......................but

I wasnt under awed (if thats a word) by Mc Rae- I had hoped it would be a story to tell the kids- like when I saw him here in 91 in the Grp N Sierra, but he just didnt look that step above any other hairy MK2 pilot through the gravel between the Gap and the finish, havent seen the DVD of it mind.
I wouldnt shoot you for saying it but I wouldnt agree with you either. The mans car control is superhuman. You have to see the in-car. Iv never seen any Mk2 driver hold a car the way he did. So effortless. Just out of interest, there was a speed gun on one straight section up the gap, it recorded Andrew Nesbitt at 94mph before braking. It recorded McRae at 98mph. Enough said:cool:
Troopsrotom, the Gap this year ended at the top of the Gap......
Cars were runnin slowly between the gap and finish control..........
Get the DVD it's unreal!!!!
Give DJM near 100k and you can have one or even better get a replica model from me:laugh:
Originally posted by abe1234
i want that mk2 for Christmas:laugh:
Dont we all! Dear santa..................:D
I was standing up at the gap faceing the shop and when mcrea came in to sight the car was never in a straight line he just had her side ways.

I also have to say about phil collins up the gap as he put on a good show.:p:p
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