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McGarrity, Fabia , S11 or something else?

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After reading in Motorsport News the other week Del has a 05 Fabia forsale mid October.

Does this mean that he will use it in Cork and re fettle it and sell it on or will it arrive in Ireland in mid October

Will he have an S11 after saying he wont be in the same car for Cork after his probs with his current S10

Will he have something different
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S11s arent out till next year I thought?

I reckon an S9 would be the job for him
Current works car is an S11
This is the car for next year S12

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Aye Mark, but S11's have not been released to the public yet, release date is next year. But saying that, Derek has got hold of the latest versions early before. Personnally I think he is going for the 05 Fabia, he did not too badly in Galway with the 04 version and the car itself in the hands of Jack and Maurice with Eugenes help is a lot more in tune with Irish tarmac then it was in Feb.
I do hope that he does use a Fabia in Cork and the colour scheme is better than the last get up:)

Wonder what tyres he'll use if he does use one
Rubber ones!! ha ha

But seriously an S9 would be the job for DMG, a good reliable yoke that he can be quick in, them S10s are just too complex for Ireland yet
They aren't too complex for McNulty though
spot on m.lowe mc nulty's car seems to be a flier . maybe derek got a monday morning s10:idea::idea:
i read somewhere that he is using the s10 in cork.its had a rebuild at prodrive.
As for Fabias-Maurice Gass confirmed to me in Ennis last week the Eugene has the car bought and will be using it next year. This is hardly a surprise I know given he had a test drive and its in the hands of McGeehans currently.
well if eugene goes down the fabia its a big mistake.mechanical failure every second event if not every event.why change when he can win in the toyota.i hope he sticks with the corrolla.
I think he should stick with the Corolla too-its a proven combination. He should stop using the Corolla if it stops him from winning or finishing well. One retirement this season speaaks volumes.
The Corolla is still a fantastic car, but have you heard the interviews with Eugene lately he is driving the door handles off it, the car cannot go faster and I would say he is taking more risks then he would like too or should just to keep up and the luck has been with him this year mechanically. He is a very astute man, I am sure he is weighing up the pros and cons about switching and any decision he makes will be based on pure knowledge and experience. And it will be the right decision for Eugene Donnelly based on his assessments of the cars and Budget available to him.
Heard The Genie is doing the donegal harvest in a fabia, id say there is a good possibility of him turning up for galway in one? he is deffinatley the man that will be able to set it up to be a winning machine on irish tar :D
The Fabia in Ennis was swift enough when I saw it running and I was thinking to myself that Eugene could probably get it to go faster. If he does switch and it doesn’t work he can always switch back to the Corolla-he will hardly sell that as I am sure Charlie will be back out again next year on the National events so he will have a choice of cars
:laugh::laugh::laugh::p:laugh:! taking to derek yesterday and he told me what car he was taking out at cork. BUT he told me not to tell anyone:kiss:
Do you really expect people to believe a statment like that? :dunno:
I am not exactly a fan of DMcG so I don't give a flying elephant what car he brings to Cork so Mr MK II BDA your remarks are wasted on me-:p

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well just tell you
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