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Mc Rae in Fabia for Rally GB

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any truth in it?
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i dunno mark. more chance of him being in a subaru with atkinson peforming so poorly and sarazzin noy having any experience on gravel
You were right Mark, confirmed today as a one off drive:) will be interesting to see what he can make the Fabia do but I'm not sure its enough to make me want to go to Wales tho:dunno:
Better equip the marshals with some Fabia-sized refuse sacks! :)

Nice to see he's kissed & made up with Nicky Grist. Here in the 'States Nicky fronts Speed TV's WRC coverage. They have 1 hr every event and the night before each event show 3 or 4 hours of the recent WRC rounds.

No ITC on speed TV, unfortunately.
Got the offical press release from Rally GB on line


It will be good to see Col back out and in a Skoda but I would of liked to have seen Derek Ringer in the car.

It wont make me go to Wales as the event is a spectator rip off

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provisional entry list on www.walesrallygb.com

kris meeke entered in a wrc subaru, niall mcshea in a gpn subaru, david higgins in a gpn mits-would have thought rory galligan would have got that drive considering he has beaten higgins hands down all year.
Good to see Shaun Gallagher going,could set some intersting times.

Also thought Rory Galligan would have got that drive,maybe someone
can tell us why he didnt.
Originally posted by evo10
meeke in a wrc subaru?!? watch out loeb!
I bet Loeb is shitting in his pants now lol

Good luck Colin
He dont sleep till the rally's over i bet ! ;)
I dont care where McCrae finishes on this rally. I am ten times more excited about this rally than i've been about any other WRC rally so far this year. The WRC needs McCrae & Burnsie too. Remember the great rivallary coming up to the rally GB very year with those two. I might even watch this one on tv, which i've stoped doing lately. Used to tape every rally couple years ago & they were worth watching over & over. Not now though!
Aah feck it. I thought it was on this weekend................
Well anyways it will still be a great spectacle to watch the Master out in the Skoda! Hopefully it will al go well for him includin the skoda! Not my choice of car to be honest!
Well said Jos. I have lost all interest in the WRC over the last few years. I cant remember the last one Ive actually followed fully. I will be glued to the net next weekend to track Colins progress though. I dont care where he finishes,he's still the main man...He frightened the S**t out of poor old Robbie Head testing the Skoda. Twas on ITV this afternoon...Id say he will give it everything next weekend.
any word how how his times were on the park systems?

I know it was a shakedown, but still interested
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