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Matthew Wilson

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Well done to matthew wilson on winning rally ireland today also this win today was his third win in three weeks a credit to matthew and his team. i am sure malcom wilson is fair proud of his 18yr old son, guess the apple doesnt fall too far from the tree!!!!!
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i seen him today and he was fierce quick!!what a pilot. hes in a different league on the gravel.

did anyone see the fireworks display someone decided to give him on ss12!!! they looked well going off at the side of the road as he was flying up the straight!!

spectacular i say! early celebrations!!
Yeah i saw them! I was up at the top of the straight videoing it and suddenly fireworks appeared! It was a good idea. nice to see people enjoying themselves after such a long delay!!
i will try and upload it onto a site but it might be tomorow before i get it up! i will see what i can do!
Hes some pilot, world champion of the future!!!! He was spectacular where i seen him at today, real quick on the loose!!!!
yeah i have to agree! hes got alot of potential!
Yea, I seen him too and he was by far the quickest!!!
only person who took my turn the proper way you see the wr cars go round.

id say he'll be in the wrc very very soon
Well done to matthew and michael..... but it was nearly all over, i was a t flying finish on 9 ( best entertainment in a while ) wilson off the road, allen off, mclaughlin rolled, moore wrecked!
Great entertainment ?? Seeing cars go off, lads roll and wreck their cars is entertainment to you ?? Wise up

Matthew is in a league of his own, pure and simple.
Matthew is a fine driver, he is young, has a lot of miles to do before you can honestly say if he is a future world champion. Look at Jari Latavala.
Leave Matthew drive, and try his best, because in fairness he does try his best.
He ran away the weekend, and he made others left their game to a level they are not use to and they made mistakes, like any good rally run at pace, he had moments also.
Well done Matthew, you deserved your win.
What an !arse:hole!

what if people were hurt! not to mention the damage and cost to these competitors.

One poor competitor thought he had hit a media person, can you imagine what that feels like, that few seconds before you realise you missed him.:mad:

God that pisses me off:mad:

On a seperate and more on topic note, well done Matt Wilson, great drive, nice to think back when he is WRC champ that we all saw him win here in 05.

Hope his proper co driver is back soon and not that Jamie Oliver bloke
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Yeah being round this weekend I got the same feeling I had from when Col was here in the Legacy. You knew you were in the presence of something special. Destined for great things. He won't reach his peak for years yet which is the scary thing.
Saw him lift the Focus rightly over a jump on third stage yesterday and only Glenn allen was close, but by a fair margin.

Saw him near finish of SS12 and he was Ultra Quick on a long left hander into a tightening left-right and over a crest. First time in a long time I experienced a thrill watching the like of it. UNBELIEVABLE is the only word! It was probably the only part of the weekend that felt like real WRC. The lad will be world champion by the time hes 23. Nevermind Latvala and all was said about him - he turned out into the ultimate car wrecker. He never ever came close to what Wilson has achieved in a shorter space of time
He is good but our own Chris Meeke is better!! Just a pity he was not here this weekend to show young wilson a bit of competition:cool:
Would have loved to have seen Loix and Meeke go at it. Loix is world class so it would have been good to compare them

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on that point... where was Kris Meeke and McShea, Irelands two stalwarts on the WRC scene in the last few years ? Surely they couldve strung some deal together? They certainly wouldve made the entry list look a bit more flambouyant and added more competition to the visiting crews.
Well done to Matthew, a well deserved win, just a pity the competition couldnt have been a bit stronger as well as KPL not retiring would have made it a better fight!!
Id say a few more years experience at the top level and he'll be the one to watch!!
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