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Mark2's in Forestry or Tar?...

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Forestery mark2 drivers or tarmac mark2 drivers, who would be the better.
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how longs a piece of string
U gotta keep em on the road no matter what the surface
Originally posted by cathal
how longs a piece of string
How can you compare the theory of that question to the analogy of which surface brings on better drivers ?? :roll:

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Good mixture of both :p
got to be tarmac.........
who cares? Ireland has the best of both worlds and a hell of a lot of great MK2 drivers for all to see on both surfaces :)
Tarmac or Gravel, do's not matter MKll,s are allways magic !!!:laugh:
both surfaces, you cannot compare if you do, you have no taste
Hey mikeee was wondering did you make that sig yourself if so which software you use??
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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