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Mark Higgins in Cavan

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I was in the new Pitlane store in Cavan today and they were telling me that Mark Higgins is coming to the store next Saturday to do the official opening, there will also be a WRC S10 on display, a Forumla one car and the rally car simulator. It starts at around 11 o clock. It sounds like it may be good crack.

S. McBreen
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Best part of the lot will be a chance to chinwag with Mark Higgins,any chance you'd divert him down to Cork when he's finished??? Tell him it's the best way back to the IOM or something! :laugh:
IOM.. what would he be going there for Pat ?? ;) LOL
Wow!!! Thanks for the tip off S. McBreen!!!!
I got a nice picture of the 2006WRC Subaru that was at Pitlane on Saturday, How do i get it onto this page
Yeah, it was at the Airside motor show in Swords a few weeks back as well, gorgeous machine.
is it a mock up or the real thing
I think the one in Cavan was real, but the one in Swords wasnt "Real and True" they were afraid the local homies in Civics and Puntos would rob it or all the bits off it:cool:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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