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Mark Higgins for ITC?

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going by a lot of reports and in pacenotes,theres a strong possibilty that we could see this man take on the ITC next year,if he can get a deal together

and i also read and add in the auto trader this week in relation to the opening of the new pit-lane store it says 'come along and chat to mark higgins about his 2006 irish rally plans'.

i presume hes trying to get a deal together and hopfully he will and hopefully wilson and co might come with him as well:laugh:

if this is the case i predict some serious battles!!! higgins,nesbitt,mcnulty,donnelly,derek etc...

looks like the pace might even be quicker next year! and an even better selection of cars!
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don't be surprised if ye see matt wilson on these shores as well next year.

There is no competition left in england.

There should be at least 30 wrc cars on each round of the itc. I am getting geared up for galway already.
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