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Manta Models

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Does anyone know of anyone who makes manta400 models??

ive only ever saw a couple but they werent the greatest of models!

anyone have a clue? :cool:
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PJ Models does kits of the 400's in resin but if you want diecasts then ebay is your best bet.
Click under worldwide search for them
I have just ordered a resin Manta from this lot:


Go to the search and put in Manta

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For 1/43rd scale ones you can buy from ebay.

Depending what you want you can spend very little upto £130 for a Vitesse Brookes version which is what I have.

I also have a mint Shell Goldcard Bertie Fisher model.

What versions are you after
What livery are you hoping to do Ruby? Looks an interesting kit, let us know what you think when it comes.
Now anyone who reads my submissions will know what a fan I was of the late Bertie Fisher-so it will be a version of one of his cars. I missed a set of Gold Card decals on eBay a few weeks ago so I am bit annoyed at that. Perhaps something like this



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class, cant wait! :laugh:

Build schedule is currently:

Breen's Focus-Oct-on going.
Bertie's M3-Nov
2005 Harrison Scooby-Nov.
Possibly Colemans Stratos-Dec.
The Genies Skoda-Jan 06(built in time to get the Galway livery so I can have it finished a week after the event.

After that- Berties Manta if I can source some decals to scan, Coleman's 76 COI Escort-with the correct Zakspeed arches, a rake of Bertie's Imprezas & Escorts. That should see me into the new year. Luckily I am self employed so if I have a morning off or a day off it leaves me time for my hobby-especally in winter when you can't really get out anyway.
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