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Loughside Quarry RTT, Larne. 8th october

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The ever popular Loughside Quarry RTT in larne is set to run again on Saturday 8th October 2005. Entries are starting to fill up quickly.

If you would like an entry for this event please contact Barry Mc Carte as soon as possible on 07715012351 to get a set of regs sent out and returned before the closing date of saturday 1st october. No phone entries accepted.

Entry fee is sixty five pounds only.

Anyone that would like to marshal on the event please contact John Millar on 07754118211. All marshalls welcome and guaranteed a good days craic and entertainment.


Entries : Barry Mc Carte 07715012351

Marshals : John Millar 07754118211
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i'll be there taking pictures, absolutely amazing event i think!
might be there 2............:dunno:
let me know G as it'sd closer than donegal harvest for us !
Anyone wishing to do this event would be advised to get there entry in as soon as possible. There is alimit to the entries that can be taken but a reserve list will be drawn up if needed.

No phone entries can be accepted sorry.

Entry forms can be posted to you as asoon as possible though.

See you all there on Saturday 8th October for a mighty days craic as always.
Has anybody been before?

who is the fast men at it?
Wachout for this pair !!!

Watchout for Roy Haslett - backout in a rear wheel drive car - this time in a R.H.P. prepared Opel Kadett 400 ! Roy is duel entered with former NIRC Co-ordinator - Jim Mc Sherry :laugh:
What time is it starting at
Entry list

This is as near to a final entry list as can gat at the minute.

Number Name Class Car
00 Trevor Moore 7 Ford Escort MKII
Tail willis Cooper 6 Ford Escort MKII
11 Gregory Shaw 1 Vauxhall Astra
12 Jason Kelly 1 Toyota Corolla
14 Darren Donnelly 1 Toyota Corolla
21 Conor Mc Kenna 2 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6
22 Sean Foy 2 Mitsubishi Lancer EvoIV
23 Stephen Whitford 2 Mitsubishi Lancer EvoIV
24 Adrian Walmsley 2 Mitsubishi Lancer
25Trevor Ferguson 2 Subaru Impreza
26 Mark Hamilton 2 Subaru Impreza
27 Conor Mc Closkey 2 Mitsubishi Lancer
28 Kieran Shaw 2 Mitsubishi Lancer
31 Ricky Mc Alonan 3 Vauxhall Nova
32 Gardner Mc Cluney 3 Talbot Samba
33 Sam Crawford 3 Vauxhall Nova
34 Ciaran Donnelly 3 Vauxhall Nova
41 Paddy Donnelly 4 Ford Escort MKII
42 Mark Mc Crea 4 Talbot Sunbeam
43 Gary Clarke 4 Talbot Sunbeam
44 David Strain 4 Peugeot 205
45 Niall Donnelly 4 Ford Escort
51 Gary Kelly 5 Nissan Sunny
52 Conor Kelly 5 Nissan Sunny
53 Ian MIllar 5 Ford Escort
54 Gavin Colton 5 Toyota COrolla
55 Niall Convery 5 Talbot Sunbeam
56 Gary Tougher 5 Talbot Sunbeam
57 Paddy Mc Guckian 5 Toyota Starlet
58 Michael Faloon 5 Ford Escort
59 Raymond Doyle 5 Ford Escort
60 Gabriel Delargy 6 Ford Escort
61 Arnold Arbuthnot 6 Lada Riva
62 Gary Owens 6 Ford Escort
63 PJ kelly 6 Peugeot 205
64 Wilson Mc Conkey 6 Ford Escort
65 Martin Collins 6 Ford Escort
66 Patrick Mc Kinney 6 Ford Escort
67 Martin Mc Cormack 6 Ford Escort
68 Roy Haslett 6 Opel Kadett
69 Jim Mc Sherry 6 Opel Kadett
610 Damien Donnelly 6 Ford Escort
611 Adrian Donnelly 6 Ford Escort
612 Raymond Donnelly 6 Ford Escort
613 Mervyn Williamson 6 Ford Escort
614 George hamilton 6 Ford Escort
615 Karl Johnston 6 Ford Escort
616 Andrew Trotter 6 Ford Escort
71 Adrian Hetherington 7 Ford Escort
72 Cairon Hetherington 7 Ford Esc`ort
73 Danny Grant 7 Ford Escort
74 John Mc Lean 7 Ford Escort RS1800
75 William Carey 7 Ford Escort
76 Con Carey 7 Ford Escort
77 Rodney Mc Knight 7 Toyota Corolla
78 Brian Muldoon 7 Toyota Corolla
79 Trevor Elliott 7 Ford Escort
710 Gary Price 7 Ford Escort
711 Shaun Reid 7 Ford Escort
712 Liam Reid 7 Ford Escort
713 John Keatley 7 Ford Escort
714 Brian Mc Keefrey 7 Ford Escort
715 MIicky Mc Gillin 7 Ford Escort
716 Alan Mc Geehan 7 Ford Escort
717 Padraig Purcell 7 Vauxhall Astra
718 Derek Reilly 7 Vauxhall Astra
719 Noel strain 7 Vauxhall Nova
81 Ian Mc Cutcheon 8 Ford Escort Cosworth
82 George Elliott 8 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
83 Robert Thompson 8 Vauxhall Calibra RWD
84 Derek Mc Geehan 8 Toyota Corolla WRC
85 Denis Heaney 8 Toyota Corolla WRC
86 Lewis Elliott 8 Subaru Impreza
87 Bill Arbuthnot 8 Subaru Impreza

Reserve List
R1 Vincent OKane 2 Subaru Impreza
R2 Conor Lee 2 Mitsubishi Lancer
R3 Andrew Orr 4 Peugeot 205
R4 Frank Mc Mullan 6 Ford Escort
R5 Joseph Corry 8 Ford Escort 2.4
R6 Mervyn Galbraith 5 Vauxhall Nova
R7 Mario Daly 3 Vauxhall Corsa
R8 Tony Mc Kenna 3 Vauxhall Corsa
R9 Cathal Taggart 6 Ford Escort

If any one that has an entry and knows they cant make it, if they could please let me know so that some of the reserves can get a run. Thanks Barry Mc Carte (07715012351)
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Great entry who will the top two and four wheel drive men?
Does anybody know?
How do i get there??? Can any one help........
where are you coming from ? It's on the main A8 to larne from Belfast and not too far past Ballynure from memory but i'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong, really worth going to as they are very well run and RWD + gravel = excellent spectating !
Originally posted by gee
where are you coming from ? It's on the main A8 to larne from Belfast and not too far past Ballynure from memory but i'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong, really worth going to as they are very well run and RWD + gravel = excellent spectating !
I'll be comin from Banbridge direction, head to Belfast, then out towards Larne.........
well what i gave ya should work then, if not someoe who knows better will post i hope !

whats the chance of nine people pulling out,
Originally posted by cathal

whats the chance of nine people pulling out,
Hope you get a run Cathal be good to see u out
cant wait sounds like a good event what time does it start
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