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looking for some advice

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Hi guys, nice site, gee recommended it to me and i'm sure you'll be seeing more of me from now on.

I was hoping you could give me some career advice. I'm in my second year of a motorsport engineering course at lancashire uni and just getting ready to apply for my placement year. I'm from N.I and would love to get a placement at home or in the south. I was hoping you could recommend a few irish motorsport companies that would be big enough, with enough work going to take someone like myself on for a year.

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Theres Autotek near Lancashire and Protec performance have you tried them in the UK?
Haven't tried any in the UK yet, i'm hoping to get something in ireland before I try around lancashire.
Prep guys over here might not have enough work for someone on a placement compared to the guys in the UK but you could try all the usual suspects like Harper & McKinstry up North or Promax in Cork or Promax HQ in Wales
Welcome Bob to the site, I'd recommed as peespeed suggests all the usual rally prep. companies Harper/Mckinnistry/Mcgeehan/Dom Buckely. If you dont ask you dont get.
bob reilly, welcome.

You could contact Big Mac in Poleglass - they are always on the lookout for people good with cars. The money is good, and the hours are short but unsociable. You would usually be required to start about midnight, finishing up about 4am.

You would be required to collect car from the owners house, and take to to the garage for "fixing".

His contact is 07803 ringer
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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