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Locals do well at McRae Stages

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Hi folks
Was over at The McRae Stages at the weekend and it was mighty !!!!!!!!!:D
Five local drivers took part and four brought home trophies. Phillip Morrow got 4th overall and 1st in class, Andy Magee got 2nd in class while Bob Riddles took the class honours, Andy Mullholland got 2nd in class.
Well done to all.

There were loads Irish spectators at the rally, and I think I saw one of your Rescue Units at it.

Roll on next year til I get back
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you sure bob wasnt 3rd in class a few seconds behind magee??

was just going to post about this myself!! lol ;)
thougth Bob got first but could be wrong it was a long day
as far as i know now, he was a few seconds off magee! will get it confirmed!

full results anywhere?? :cool:
Was sitting with Bob, and we were 3rd in class, 5th overall
in the 2wd. rally. Steve Bannister won the class, Andy Magee
2nd. and then us. Jimmy McRae won overall Bannister 2nd.
I. Grubb 3rd. Andy 4th. Bob 5th.
thanks sat-nav!

graham, did something happen the steering or something in the rally?
Was over a run, superb entry of MK2's which were as ever fully of the rack, anyone know what times colin was posting against the rest of the mk2's? Quite a poor entry on the 4wd front though!

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Steve, Yes we got a puncture early in SS2, and drove about
8 mile, damaged rim and knocked steering out of line for SS3,
got it fixed at service and set 4th quickest time on SS4.
Colins time for SS4 was 4 secs quicker than his dads, remember he was driving with no notes, Jimmys time of 12.29
secs. on the stage was 20 secs quicker than Bannister and so he took overall victory, Bannister had been 11 up on Jimmy going into the last stage.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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