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Lakeland Stages 2005 TV Schedule

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Wednesday 5th October:
16:00hrs Sky Sports 3 (4pm)
21:30hrs Sky Sports Xtra 9:30pm)

Thursday 6th October:
00:00hrs Sky Sports Xtra (Midnight)
10:00hrs Sky Sports 3 (10am)
13:30hrs Sky Sports 2 (1:30pm)
16:00hrs Sky Sports 2 (4pm)

Best Regards,

Terence J. Hegarty
SVS Productions
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Are Men&Motors not featuring your programs anymore?
Gr8 show as always, nice to see the NIRC getting such good coverage!!
was a brilliant show yesterday evening. best i've seen for ages. seemed to be filming is some cracking spots with a lot of sideways action
I missed it.....was that round 7? after the dog leap?
Originally posted by ste0411
I missed it.....was that round 7? after the dog leap?
yep u missed a good show
I think u can buy copies of the tv programme + footage, but unsure of prices etc!
Anyone got an idea when the Bushwacker is on. I thought it was scheduled for this morning but it turned out to be Lakeland Stages again
I believe it is 2 be two weeks after the Lakeand show, so it should be on nxt week!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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