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KPL to pull out of Rally Ireland

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Was talking to a friend in the Harper Rally Prep Team today and he has told me that the 2 cars they are running in Rally Ireland are to pull out over a last minute change of rules (KPL and Noel Mccarrick). Tom Nolan of Motorsport Ireland has decided last week that the only legal fuel to be used on this event is shell fuel.The drivers concerned dont mind following the rules but the problem is that all of Stan Harpers cars run an FIA approved and fully legal fuel called Carless Turbo and there just isint enough time to remap the cars to Shell Fuel as this rule was only announced on the 29th of September. If they were to use Shell on the rally the engines just wouldnt last the rally and trust me when i say this, an engine rebuild for a world rally car is far from cheap. The HRP team are working on getting an enginer to remap the car but i have being told it aint looking good at the moment. Surely this is a massive blow to the rally to loose 2 wr cars at such a late stage when in my opinion the entry was struggleing to attract the big names in Ireland already.
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KPL would have been a real contender for the win! Why was this announced so late??:mad:
I would assume that this has something to do with the fact that Donegal Oil are supplying rigs for the rally and therefore Tom Nolan's decision is thus.
I cant see this been a problem as DMG has been running S9 cars on Shell for a while now.
I would imagine Prodrive have the map, although I know some engine builders dont like Shell to be used in their engines, but surely the Shell has Prodrive blessing.
what is the ruling on fia rounds can different fuel be used or is it up to disgretion of govering bodies,. big loss if kpl isn't there

In the WRC what happens is fuel companys are invited to tender for the job, no fuel companys such as Elf (Pascal Drennan), 76 Racing Fuel (Jim Crozier) Carless (GT Motorsport) were notifed nor asked to tender for the job. Shell won the contract for the WRC for this year that is why prodrive gives shell its blessing, if elf won it they would give elf their blessing. These companys are now left with a lot of fuel and no customers to buy it. "Why was this decision left so late" I dont no, that sounds like a question only Motorsport Ireland, Tom Nolan or the organisers of Rally Ireland can answer. As for the regulations for FIA events this event has to be run in a few formats includeing national, international, and FIA sancioned International before it even qualifys for a WRC round and this year it is running as a national round were up to now you could run any fuel so long as it is approved by the FIA which all the above fuels are
in the wrc the use wrf (world rally fuel) which as far as i know this year is supplied by shell i dont know the excat spec but i thought most manufactures of fuels do a type of wrf so that any car can use any supplied type of wrf ?
also in a wrc only piority 1 and 2 drivers have to use this fuel everyone else can use there own fuel but the have to refuel in the refueling zone.
how many of the top cars actually have the staubl fia connector to fit on the fuel rig.
the simplist way to slove this problem is to make a zone where people can refuel there own car like in galway a few years ago only have it more controled limit access allow more time and have a fire brigade present which is also part of the wrc setup.
as for harpers running there cars on carless thats a fairly low grade fuel for a top team susprised at that must be more of a mark up available on it ;)
Only Shell racing fuels ???? possibly one for the monopolies commission then !! ..... perhaps Shell or the M.I. should provide the engineers to remap the affected cars free of charge ............
KPL used to run with Shell but his, along with a number of other HRP cars, were remapped to this new Carless fuel a few months back. So hopefully, if they need to, the HRP boys will be able to get them remapped again so we can have a great event!!
All drivers in the WRC have to either use 1 sole fuel supplier, appointed by the FIA, or pump fuel.


8.1 A sole supplier of fuel will be appointed by the FIA, following an invitation to tender, to distribute a single fuel for the Championship rallies. FIA fuel must be used by all Priority drivers. Non-priority drivers may use
commercially available pump fuel dispensed from pumps at filling stations marked in the road-book. The fuel supplier must respect the contract signed with the FIA. This fuel will be available at the start of each leg. If there are no filling stations on the route of the rally, the organiser may arrange for the distribution of one and the same fuel, in conformity with Appendix J, to the non-priority drivers via a centralised system. Such refuelling points must respect all the safety conditions. They must be mentioned in the road book and published in an information bulletin by the organiser.

There are quite a few others pulling out because of this also. At this late stage, some have bought their fuel (other than Shell) already.

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As this event is bidding for World Championship status, it should follow the WRC regulations as closely as possible. However, looking at the event regs, the only mention of fuel is the designated re-fuel areas. There is no mention of 1 sole supplier anywhere in the regs as far as i can see...

12.2 Re-fuelling Area
The Organisers will provide a Re-fuelling Area, which will be defined in the road book, adjacent to the Service Park. Re-fuelling of competitor’s cars may only be carried out in the Re-fuelling Area. Failure to comply with the refuelling regulations will be reported to the organisers who may apply a penalty up to and excluding exclusion.

To make people aware of this restriction 2 weeks before the event is bad planning.

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im reallly not sure on this rally any more
first the entry list is very poor with the top drivers, now this.....

ive been told that the meeting points for marshals is 5:30 am christ now that is early .
05:30 starts are the norm on WRC events lol, sometimes even earlier ;)
ya i sapose but it looks like its going to be a group n winner when we can have so many wrcs and show the world what we have to offer
hold on i know whats going on! this is all to do with the rossport five.shell said they would drop the charges against them if nolan made every competitor use SHELL.. its time for more protests i say.
(ignore the above if you have not heard of the rossport five scandal)

on a serious note,this was a huge mistake to leave the announcment for so long,and its a stupit rule??

anyone know whay mchale or mckinsterys car uses

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It would be a big shame if Kevin did pull out. But I have just spoken to someone from the UK who said that converting Kevin's car is not that simple and a costly excercise. Especially if he converts it back again after the event. I can't really see the point personally.
Originally posted by rallyfanon a serious note,this was a huge mistake to leave the announcment for so long,and its a stupit rule??
I can see why organisers have adopted this rule but to leave it this late is a bad move.
will they risk 7 of the top guys over some petrol???:dunno::dunno:
if they do they get no saport from me...
It might be running to get WRC status but as its not a WRC event ,I dont think its right that crews have to re map their cars (more expense) engines to run the Shell stuff.

They should have the opportunity if they wish to change but it seems that to please the FIA they will risk losing entries to get it to run.

I know the income will be a lot for the Rally but come on if drivers are prepared to support the event then its only decent to allow them to run their fuel this year and if they wish to compete on next years event if they get WRC status they have to change

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bad planning surely Ciara c!
i know a lock of rolling roads that r going to be busy boys :idea:
there will be backhanders going every road to get cars done:p
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