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Killarney Historics

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I think there is a junior section being run in this years historics. From what iv heard its the last three stages sunday. I think ist for cars up to 1979, drivers under 27 etc. Anyone have any idea what the last 3 stages sunday are? Iv heard Tim Healy and Codds Head in reverse mentioned, also down Molls Gap.
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It's unlikely to be the same as last yr, which would of been Cod's Head (reverse), Tim Healy (reverse) and Kilmacalogue (reverse) aldo the Gap woulda been last if they had of been allowed to run it. It is more likely to be Ballaghbemma, Gortnagane or some of them.
ITS ALL GO FOR THE NIGHT STAGES,,,, WOOHOO!!!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:
Ballaghbemma and gortnagne are classic stages there is a lot of driving on them, they are two of the best stages ive ever driven
€160 for 3 killarney stages is not bad. With cars restricted to pre 1979 sounds like it could be MK2's and minis. Might just give it a go..
Latest Press Release now online at www.killarneyhistoricrally.com

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I'll be there........just booked the hotel today :cool:
Will be competing in a few post Historics next year.Does any one know what type of window glass is needed noone seems to be able to give me a definate answer i am hopeful some on here knows.:dunno:
Well does everyone on here know nothing about this.Need to know ASAP.
If not then give me num of some one who might know.

Spin Doc the rules are the same as per the International or National rallies. Laminated windscreen and tranparent film on side windows. Check the MSI book, get a phone number of a scrutineer and ring him to make sure. Also check the class rules and the wheel and tyre width rule as well. They may be changing.
hope to do a few historics next year in a 79 sunbeam. car is rally prepared but has perspex side windows ,like spin doc i want to know do i have to put in glass or upgrade to polycarbon. also can it run with a quaife box and back discs or standard ti box and drum brakes. never rallied before so all help welcome
Sunti, perspex is fine or polycarbonate, you only need the film on the side windows if they are indeed glass. You need to check the Homolgation of the Sunbeam as it was in 79, as this is Classic, you still actually have to run historic wheels and tyres. But there is talk of the tyres freeing up a little for next year. If the car is running as a TI it will have to run to what was homolgated in 79 and as far as I know that was Drum brakes on the back and std box. But again, try and find someone with the Homolgation papers for the sunbeam and there you will have a clearer picture.
Appendix K of the MSA rule book is what we use in Ireland as our rules. Again though there has been talk of maybe the tyres freeing up a little as we can only run road legal tyres and 70 profile no lower.
Clan, i have a set of homologation papers for a ti dated 1982, and alas drum brakes were used .the papers i have show discs were allowed to be used in1982 and the box to be used was talbot,thanks for your help.
No problem Sunti, if you stick to the papers the scrutneers will not have a problem and you will get no complaints. The original TI's if I remember right had a lovely front spoiler and a very cool small rear spolier. It will be nice to see one out again as original.

Best of Luck.
Denis Cronin doing double 0 duties in the BMW... It will be nice to see him out in her again...
No entry from Liam Wall, is he finished for year ??
No Mcrae?? Colin that is..

Good entry for modifieds..

Anyone pick top 3 !!
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