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Looking for photos of car 124, white nova.

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Were you in that nova ALMC? I was driving the astra that finished just behind it in the class 10.... I was looking at the times afterwards and We were having a great battle all day. . well done on the 2nd place...
Yeah that was us. Big surprise for us to come second, we were happy to finish as we clipped a bale on one of the chicanes and put the tracking out. Car was all over the shop until service. Pity the 3rd stage was blocked. Guy who won the class was at some pace. Takin a minute plus out of the rest of us on each of the stages.

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ya Fintan Canty is some class act. If he is doing the rally the best anyone else can hope for is second in the class. It was no day for being a hero anyway. I was delighted with third place. This is my first year rallying and we have had nothing but trouble all year so I was just trying to drive around and finish..It was nice to get a good result in the process. Hows the navigator??
Some pace alright. Same with me. That was my third event. Happy to get more miles under my belt. Navigator is fine, not a bother.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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