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Kenny McKinstry doing the Clare Rally

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Just heard that Kenny is going to Clare this weekend to drive the Harrison car, Harvey Bell will co drive.

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I've had to withdraw at the last moment.

Due to business committments.
just saw the adl s9 down at scrutiny. maybe he took harrisons entry
Is Ollie not down to drive Andrews car as stated in rallynews a few weeks back.
it says in an article written by ollie in the programme that he will use the same car as last year which has been converted to rhd
Ollie is starting at No 1, Last I heard Kenny has taken over Jim H's seat in the Man Direct car. If the ADL car is there the wreck from Galway must not be repaired.

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W22 SRT was for sale in its unrepaired state a few weeks back. It also said in rallynews Ollie was down to drive Andrews car, this was backed up by Ollies article in pacenotes. So as Rubywax pointed out it looks like Jims car is not quite ready, and Ollie has had a change of heart about selling the P2000 which is a shame I thought he had got the hang of LHD, and I was sure in my own mind he would buy an S9.
is ollie not out in the s8 which i tink has been converted to right hand drive kenny probualy would not let harrison out in the blue s9 as he has wrecked the white one enuff :D
ollie out in athe rhd s8 and kenny out in the s9
ollies out with engine problems and so is kenny.mckinstry must be buying dodgy engine parts of late!!!

poor paul hariss's bad luck continues as he ditched the yellow subaru.noel redmond also had mechanical failure!

after ss6 its

mcgeehan was looking after gass' fabia how long has this been for or is it just so he can develop the car for eugene possibly
Was taking to Gass in Clare before the start and I did cop the McGeehan stickers on the front bumper. He told me Eugene has the car bought. I was going to post it as a topic but he could be just telling fibs as a means to divert what Eugene is up to. The car looked well and was not that slow so we shall see.
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