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JSA Media - PWT Ulster Rally clip now online!

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Bishopscourt Stages

great event.. great action!

email us for requirements

[email protected]

regards jonny

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clip now online of bishopscourt on saturday!!

check it out at http://www.jsa-media.co.uk

kind regards jonny
cracking clip of bishopscourt jonny!
plenty of sideways action and spins!! :D
aye was a good days actions stephen!

videos and DVDs available..

cheers jonny

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yeah dvd or video!

sent u a u2u..

cheers jonny
thanks glad u enjoyed it

cheers jonny
hi, i have made available the clip i had up before of our 'highlights'!

hope you enjoy!

the link is http://www.jsa-media.co.uk/rallyclips/jsamedia.wmv

regards jonny

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That is some fantastic video footage, will you be going to the circuit?:D:D
hope to be!

email me upfront for any requirements so i can get a schedule done out.. quite a few requests so far so get it early to make sure u get sorted!

cheers jonny
also if anyone has any photo requirements, email us as shown above!! :cool:
Circuit of Ireland Video Footage

Hi , i have around 2 hours of footage from the coi, easter stages and national rally as follows:

ss2 - Easter stages - top 10/15 cars - stage cancelled after that
-Craig Bennett stalling
-Biggerstaff half spin

- International rally
- All competitors
- McNulty half spin
- Hairpin right round bales
- good sideways stuff

ss5/8 - Square right with lots of gravel
- Great sideways action again
- glenn allen overshoot
- Biggerstaff stall and overshoot
-374, 343, 350, 372, 377, 380 overshoot
- Nova overshooting
-Seamus Hegarty overshoot
- Toye in a Civic breaking diff!

** Van driver driving on the stage while it was live
- was totally ridiculous! anyone else see it?

ss18 - International rally
- Flatout straight over big bumps

-National rally
-Square right facing big pillars
-Amazing sideways action!
-Neil Coulter smacking pillar in his civic
-Loads of mk2s whacking the bushes

ss22 - ss18 - International rally and national rally
-Square right facing big pillars
-Amazing sideways action!
-McHale and Loads of mk2s whacking the bushes

-- star of the show was mark mcelhinney in the 00 car.. absolutely lethal!

Email us for any info!

[email protected]

dvds and videos available

cheers jonny
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circuit of ireland video clip now online!

check out the following link:

click here

footage available from the rally also.. email us for more info!

cheers jonny

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I got your circuit DVD yesterday it is excellent. Thank You!
One tinng about the video clips is the backround music. I wouldn be gone on it. Some of the clips you can barely hear the car with the backround music. I just thought maybe it would be better without backround music
hey thanks for that!

yeah the problem is that i reduce the sound quality and so sometimes the car noise drops down even lower than the music! the online versions are only previews anyways so its just a small sample of whats available!

kind regards

Jonny any footage up on the website for fivemiletown?
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