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It's been a long time

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It was over 50 years ago when I started club level rallying in Ontario Canada. I did best as a navigator and won a number of club championships. Competed with a number of different drivers and started doing regional level rallies. Travelled twice to the east coast of Canada to participate in a National rally. First year we finished. Second year the car broke. I started driving after that at the regional level. Then decided we wanted to try the Canadian Winter Rally in 1973. First and only International level rally. My navigator and I wondered what all the other teams had that we didn't. Except for factory sponsors and money. :rolleyes: We were a late entry and started last, number 69. Over the 2 nights of the event we managed to finish 23rd out of 29 finishers. Not bad for rookies up against factory competition.

I have not really kept up with the current rally scene, except for watching the occasional footage on sport networks. It is a totally different game now from when I was active. Looks like I may be learning all over again.
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