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is there a rally at aghadwey on 29th?

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i heard that there was a ralyy at aghadowey ran by Mid ulster club and so far have got only 15 cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can anyone confirm there is a rally (if there is more entries:p)
and if so where can i find a entry list also what time is kich off

thanks neillpics
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Thats right , if they get more entries there will be a rally , it`s being run by North Ulster but it`s not lookin good at the mo
Is that the 2nd year that this event has been cancelled :dunno::dunno:
oh dear not looking good for the great turkey run
Originally posted by neillpics
oh dear not looking good for the great turkey run
Why not, is it not the Maiden City MC that sort that out :dunno:
yeah but with the alltrack events getting 130 entries last week and with it being cheaper and a lot of rally men doing it what is going to happen now
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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