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Is N1 Dead

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Just wondering how others felt about N1 . With the swift out this year and only a handfull of 106 Rallyes in the country is the class now virtually dead.

Is it time a up to 1400cc standard production class was set up instead to open this class up to unhomologated cars, that could run on international events? and target it at v.young drivers 18-22??

If not is it time just to abandon the class altogether?
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shur isnt there a grand running Yaris in class 1 now- Maybe its the new Swift?
As an owner of Grp N swift Im under the impression that we have 1 more year of homlogation. The international homlogation ran out at the end of 2002 thus the national homlogation runs out at the end of 2006
Whoops must have mis read motorsport Ireland website;)
I think to be honest were just better off leaving things the way they are. I know I started a thread about the situation in the national championship and therefore I may sound like a bit of a hypocrite but the way it seems to me is, in Ireland we have a fairly simple class structure, good entries all across the board, fantastic machinery, great events, everything seems good. There's a stability about rallying in Ireland. On the other hand in England, or mainly the british championship, there choping and changing the whole time, not giving anything a chance. Something will take over from the swifts, lads will build 106's, Civic's, Yaris's. I definately wouldn't change or scrap the class.
there is a lad in a swift in class one in the national championship who won class 1 and won the mickey farrell award aswell by scoreing the most points in all the classes in the national, i dont think there is any need to scrap class 1
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