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Is Donegal big enough ??

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There's an article in tonites Belfast Telegraph telling us that Rally Ireland is going to have stages in Donegal and Tyrone in 2005, as well as the 2004 area.

If we believe that Circuit is going to use part of Donegal, add in the Donegal International, Hills and Harvest rallies, theres not too many roads going to be rally free.

You can sicken even the most rally enthusiastic residents.

Any views ?
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The International hasn't gone near S Donegal for many, many years.

The Harvest never really goes too deep into the south; if it heads in that direction it usually bases itself in Donegal town or Killybegs.

There is no Hills rally now, it changed its name to the Harvest in the mid-nineties.

What exactly is the 2004 area?
For a sart i think you will find The Circuit hasnt agree to use Donegal yet
and if so it will the south part.The hills? as you call it is the Donegal forestry rally.The unternational doesnt stay to far from letterkenny and fanad as for the Harvestnot sure yet probably the west like it was this year.The Rally Ireland is in Malin head area.I will be very surprised if they cross paths at all.
But i do see your point it is a lot of Ralling for one county,but hey i wont complain.:cool:
What's the Donegal forestry rally? Where's that?
a rally that uses a forest in donegal:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p you must b smoking the funny stuff on the tour bus jimmy!!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by Jimmy Page
What's the Donegal forestry rally? Where's that?
It new in the callander for next year have no details yet.
Originally posted by anfearmor
a rally that uses a forest in donegal:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p you must b smoking the funny stuff on the tour bus jimmy!!!!!!!!!!
Hoho, Christ sir, you're a witty one!

Anywho, I just wonder where they could stage a forest event in the county. No blocks of forestry that would lend themselves well to any decent sort of stage lengths. There'd end up being a lot of road mileage, I'd say.
Originally posted by spin doc
Originally posted by Jimmy Page
What's the Donegal forestry rally? Where's that?
It new in the callander for next year have no details yet.

It's in the calendar for 25th of February but has not yet been confirmed Spin Doc.It's the week after the Carrick Forest Rally
sure whats 3/4 days out of 365? i would not complain :cool::kiss:;):):eek::laugh:

the more rallys the better as it attracts more people
The Forestry is near Killmecrenan I heard- would that make sense?

But why? Would any of the Donegal boys come into the woods?

The lesser spotted Donegal Civic on Gravel Wheels:D

But seriously is there ever Donegal crews in Cork forests?
well i guess we will soon see!i dont think donegal has ever had a forestry rally before (correct me if im wrong)
I think the county is big enough it just needs to be coordinated right ! the more the better! Esp if its an extra date to the calender for everyone.
Originally posted by anto
sure look at cork.....
Just what I was about to say, or indeed Kerry

You have the
Killarney International Rally of the Lakes
Killarney Historic Rally
Killarney Forestry Rally
Banna Beach Stages Rally
Kerry Single Stage
Kerry National Championship Round.

In the case of Kerry, two of the above rallies are based in the main town in the county, Killarney.
But as regards Donegal, even with the Circuit, International, Rally Ireland, Harvest, etc only one is based in Letterkenny, Donegal's biggest/main town.

Now, generally the Harvest stages are nowhere near the International stages, I dont know where the Rally Ireland stages are going to be but I'd assume the East part of the county if the crews will be covering a loop of stages including some in Tyrone in the same day. Regarding Circuit, wasn't it said the stages around Inishowen might be used? Again, this is a separate area of the county from any of the others mentioned.

My point is, all four corners of Donegal may be literally covered by those four rallies but I doubt if any of them clash or overlap in terms of location or nearest town.

Interational = North West Donegal
National = SouthDonegal
Circuit = North East Donegal ?
RallyIreland = East Donegal ?

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Originally posted by spin doc
The Rally Ireland is in Malin head area.
I would doubt that - it's about 100 miles from the Sligo HQ.

The circuit may never be allowed back in the South under the present organisers after clashes with both Clubs and the Gardai. Donegal harvest was last down here with us in 2004 in Donegal Town/Killybegs and the Bluestacks and moved to Bunbeg this year. The International was the furthest South Event in Donegal this year with the stage around the windmills up the Bluestacks.

But anyways we love our rallying up here so whats wrong with a few more events coming in - although I'd be disgusted if the club let the UAC in.
Originally posted by Tropsrotom

But seriously is there ever Donegal crews in Cork forests?
Will the Cork Boys come to our wee woods thats the one naw seseriously that Forest rally will prob take part in the Pettigo area crossing into the Lakeland area or Bushwacker country , as for the crcuit coming to Inishowen personally I cant see it myself due to the current climate concerning road accidents think the last thing people would want to see s a Rally !! The International stages will prob be based on the same format and the Harvest is based in the L'Kenny , Milford or Ballybofay area this year . Gods knows were there going to fit in Rally Ireland cant see to many stages up here honestly . Think its a case of the U.A.C and the orgnisers of Rally Ireland waiting to see what that there given more that what THEY WANT .
Good Man hey........ did u no that Donegal hold the most amount of rally licenses in Europe, Did you no donegal has some of the best stages in the World. Did you no Donegal has turned out some of the best Navigators and Drivers the country has ever seen........ Boys Like Rory Kennedy, Vincent Bonner, Eugene O'Donnel, Paul Harris, Gary McElhinney, Stuart Darcy.... etc............. So please before u make another statement like that.... THINK!!!!!!!!!!!:idea::idea::idea::idea::idea:
Did you know when I go to rallies that it always seems to me that it is Donegal registered cars and drivers that are acting the complete bollox on road. I was in Galway a few years back in a traffic jam. On the wrong side of the road-on the hard shoulder in fact-were 4 Toyota Corollas in convoy driving against the flow of traffic. It seems to me these days that more drivers from Donegal are killing themselves in accidents? So much for Donegal-BOLLOX
good 4 u rubywax- bollox would b what some would call u ! the last few accidents that have taken place in donegal were drunk driving related nothing 2 do with people driving badly, the people who caused the accidents were from northern ireland. been from dublin sure u'd know it all-not. no wonder u's r the most disliked people in the country.:mad::mad::mad:
Guess thats all of us painted with your big brush.

Good man anfearmor u da man..... don't see many rally drivers coming from Dublin... With the exception of a few..... also this is a rallying website and do u think i really care if boys in ROAD CAR twin cams were driving against the traffic.... LEGENDS.... Steer from the rear.........
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