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Irish Tarmac Championship 2006

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Who would like to see the top British rally championship competitors take part in the 2006 Pirelli Irish Tarmac Championship??? with the british championship gone for wrc cars where are thay gonna go now to rally, Mark Higgins Matthew Wilson etc all these lads could have some battle with the current competitors in the ITC

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it would b great 2 c them boys here full time but i dont think it will happen, their sponsers dont get the exposure they do in the uk over here. apart from some rally fans knobody would know who eddie stobart is. where as in the uk there a household name + there trucks r all over the place.
Higgins and Wilson will probably get a big wrc campaign next year but it would be awesome to see them compete over here. Would spice things up.
Very unlikley we will see the stobart team over here next year, The cars are for sale and i recon either a wrc assault with new cars or the brc in grp n machines?
would be great to see the top lads doing the full ITC as there are some great drivers and cars !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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