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Irish Rallying its not all that bad.

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Was given a link to this site


What a bitch-

Does this affect rallies up North?

Will M.I follow in the footsteps?
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seems like a load of bollox to me,
surely every event in the north is governed by the msa and the blue book rules will still apply to the north..
i know the sprints and hill climbs are msa events but not sure about the rallying

i could be wrong like
could be wrong my self.. only did the circuit and ulster up north and as far as i remember they used the blue book..
hope the changes dont affect here well thats all i can say :( maybe someone that actually knows mat appear and help ua ?
there'd be no green book up there as far as i know.
Nothing has been banned yet but if MSA licence holders sit back and dont respond to any new proposals put forward by MSA they will implement them, and when that is done and people kick off, they just say"Why didnt you say something!"
All N.I. events are run under MSA permits.The following is on MSA site

Back Rallies Committee : Proposed Rule Changes.

Concern is being expressed that proposed changes to restrict the use of former Group B cars and WRC cars at National B Single Venue Stage Rallies will apply from 1st January 2006. This is not the case, the stability rules of the Constitution of the Motor Sports Council prevent the hurried application of rule changes unless there can be demonstrated a safety issue which requires an urgent implementation of changes.

The process of rule changes requires that proposals from the Specialist Committees are presented to the Motor Sports Council for approval.

After this approval the proposals are published in Motor Sports Now for consultation during which time representations and comments may be made and considered by the relevant Specialist Committee.

That Committee may choose to amend the proposal which is then reconsidered by a further meeting of the Motor Sports Council which will normally ratify the proposals and confirm their date of implementation.

7 August 2005
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If they ban world cars does this mean they might compete here on ITC.

I heard a rumour (ie not real and true) about a colorfull focus coming over here in 06 to team up with a top Irish co driver to do the tarmac series?
Its not you he's teaming up with? is it Troopstorm???
you must still have that vodka from finland in your system!!!!
Originally posted by Simkev
Its not you he's teaming up with? is it Troopstorm???
No I wish!!! But I couldnt read pace notes sober never mind drunk, I would barf as well:barf:

but this fella could give me some of his own produce and get me full::idea:

on second thoughts does anyone want to sell a poor student a helmet and some rally overalls!!:laugh:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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