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Irish Motorsport Annual

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Just got my copy. As usual Michael O does a great job covering almost everything. Plenty of rally features and great pics.
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Yeah brilliant, the fella tht proof read it must have been drunk.

Great photos spoiled by stupid mistakes in captions.
yet again a quality production from O Carroll, now in its 27th year? I think it started in 1978 but there were two editions that year and there has been one annually ever since? Does anyone have any from the 80's? I have most of the 90's but none from the 80's would love to see what they are like.
it was in the paper shop in my wee village this morning. First time i'd ever seen it aound here before. Didn't have money on me to buy it at the time. Looks good though. Think i will purchase in the morning

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Been reading mine today, great to see that Freddy Loix drives a production class Ignis! (see pg 5) good article by Sammy Hamill though.

another nice pic is the one of Bosco on pg 43.

But there are class pics all through, better than most years annuals
its allways brutial for error's like captions on photo's but still sure i keep getting it anyway
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