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irish cmr2 skins

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is there any skins about for cmr2 that have irish drivers cars? there was a topic here a few years ago and someone had biggerstaff's metro but that topic doesnt seem to exist anymore :(
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that was my stuff I think .... I'll try and dig 'em out for ya
sound gary. thanks. hope you can find them. id be delighted to see them :laugh:
any luck yet, gary?
not yet... only half way thru all my discs :laugh:
oh i see. thought they were just stored on ur pc. take ur time mate just good to know ur trying. usually i make a request and never get an answer :p

sound ;)
Found them:

Biggerstaff 6R4
Greer Corolla
Meagher Focus

I let you know when they are online for download
cool. nice one gary. thanks. :cool:
Havent forgot...main PC is down at the minute so I'm on my Laptop and the Cd is knackered. I'll get the files online once the main PC is back online.
Heres one to get your started... I have to edit the readme files to show new web address, etc..

2002 Biggerstaff 6R4
ah sound. im gonna try it out now.
the rest of the files are online HERE
ive never done this before,what do you do when you save the file?
Read the readme file inlcuded in the download it tells you what to do
meagher's focus works ok but i cant get biggerstaffs metro or greers corolla. when i overwrite the file, i go to pick the car and it says "make sure cmr2 disc is in drive". then it closes down.

maybe i have deleted some other files from them cars but i cant remember doing so. and the metro worked grand before.
hmmmm .... make sure u have deleted the correct files. I cant think why thats happening tho cos I have them all workin
Originally posted by Gary
Read the readme file inlcuded in the download it tells you what to do
ive downloaded two of them but theres no sign of any read me file??
its inside the zip/rar file
yeah, the readme is defo there. when you extract the zip, a folder comes up with a ***a1.bfl and a readme. strange how it isn't working. i may just re-install the game.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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