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Info on Cork 20

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I have looked everywhere but cant find any info on sundays stages. Does anyone have the programme yet? I'm not going to get down till sun morning and they will prob be all gone by then so if sombody could put a scan of the map or e-mail me it to me I'd really appreciate it or is sombody knows where I could reserve a programme

Cheers for help
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As far as I know the Sunday stages are Glantane, Moll Carthys Bridge, Johns Bridge and Castlemagner, all between Mallow and Kanturk. You would probably get a programme in Mallow on the Sunday morning as the rally won't be around there on the Saturday. I don't have any more information than that as I haven't seen the programme myself yet.....
Any details on Sat morning stages what time & where as Im travelling down on Sat morn. No rally programs in Wicklow. Thanks
Robbie, Saturday is similiar to last year....Lissarda S1+3, Kilmurry 2+4 Coppeen 5+7 Cool mountain 6+8, just off the N22 (I think - main cork killarney road), about 6 miles west of Ballincollig.....first stage 9.08!!!!
cheers for the help, hopefully ill get a programme sun morning
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