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Does anyone know the number of the guys doing the "in car Cameras" on the forestry events this year? Myself and Lloyd wouldn't mind having one for Wicklow!! Seeing as we now have 4 wheeels on our wagon!!! I think they are called SVS??

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Sorry I missed your post Kevin but luckily enough we caught up with you at scrutiny.

Our Details are below for anyone else interested in booking an incar camera.

Next Events:

This weekend we will be in at the Monaghan Stages Rally and possilby if a certain Mr Coyle has his way - we'll also be at the Clare Restricted Single Stage Rally.

If anyone wants to book a camera for either event - please contact Terry on:

Tel: 028 7962 7952 or 07703 188 181
ROI: 048 7962 7952 or 0044 7703 188 181
Email: [email protected]

We're at almost every rally this year with only a few exceptions here and there because of such a hectic calendar with double and triple events on some weekends.

Many Thanks,

Terence J. Hegarty
SVS Productions.
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