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Im confused?

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The bit about Roy White?? Whats the Whiter than white bit about?

Was there something up with Carlsons car?
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Aye Im not for one second saying Pattersons would start innuendo- but it doesnt read right, words like moral victor and whiter than white have me puzzeled?
Spoke to a competitor who done the rally, its alleged that at post event scrutiny an irregularity was found with Carlsons Dump valve by the scrutineers and they rubber stamped it as ok so the right for any other competitor to appeal the components of the car was not open to them as the scrutineers had already passed it as kosher.

I think I have it correct there, but my own personal interpretation of the situation be it right or wrong is "come do our rally Mr Carlson, oh dear you are outside the rules, but your ok anyway cuz its you, thanks bye"
In Sveeden ve have 38mm restrictor ya but ve are not understandink you Paddy so ve think it being ok to be using this ya? vud u like pint of guiness mr Paddy and ve are being forgettink dis ya?

If they ran a rally in Killnascully it wouldnt end up so stupid!:mad:
Originally posted by fraggle
. It was done in error and was in no way going to enhance the performance of the car, so no further action was taken.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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