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Illegal Recce

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McGarrity - Donnelly?

Maybe Testing The New Mount For Next Year :eek:

[Edited on 17-10-2005 by SWRallyF]
Couldnt resist taking a pic of that guy, check out the home made cover on the front, a lump of rubber and hole beat into a piece of tin for the indicators and head light to stick out of and the broken plastic fern.
Only in Ireland.

I'm intrigued by your description John and indeed I laughed at thephoto but can you give us a more high res version to see?
One its way to your email
It was Gigi O'Galli.
Look at the red on the mudguard its the same paint colour as the Lancer and it had a new spec Lancer fly by wire clutch cable on it being tested for next year:laugh:
Originally posted by MAD ARAB
looks like francis regan :p:p:p:p

That doesn't look like Moydamlaght though?
dont think he could say that one belonged to the forestry board!!!
Originally posted by emac-c
Must be Paul Bird on the new Ducatti
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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