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Hurlers on the Ditch ?????

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Hello all, a strange thing happened me yesterday while spectating @ the 20. As a former ( and hopefully again ) competitor and organiser, I was wondering if this is the way things are now. Ceiros James stopped at the little yump may be a mile into ss11 with a puncture. NO ONE went to help, including a couple of "Rally Jacketed Fans". I got stuck in and then maybe a few others. He lost maybe 3 minutes.

Is this the way it is now? Your on the ditch to be entertained !!!!!!!
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Unfortunately that seems to be the way rally fans are going, dont want to be involved or get their hands dirty! Just want to stand there and watch.
wouldnt call them real rally fans though! judge them by the way they dress lol

circuit this year a 206 rolled, we ran about 250yards and were about 5th people there, was a big crowd up along the whole stretch who stood there smiling with their camera phones out! :barf::dunno::roll::eek: thats one example!!! :laugh:

ahh well, at least they still go to the rally!
I saw a competitor throw a helmet at a voyeur with a camera phone after a bad smash!!

Pity as the helmet wasnt damaged in the smash, but it was the right thing for the little Pineaplle-chunk.

Spectators (certain ones dont give a funk) dont car about helping
is a spectator helping not illegal assistance :dunno:
Outside assistance can be penalised but I guess pushing a car out of a ditch is hardly outside assistance
i dont know what the rule is! a year or 2 ago a few mates were given a right bollockin from a 'marshall' for helping to lift a car to help the driver change a wheel so he didnt need the jack! i dont know if that is counted as illegal or not but its common sense!! :cool:
At the circuit this year a car slid off 100 yards up the road from me, several of us would have gone to help but the marshals werent having it. What is the rule here someone? :dunno::dunno:
there all going around in donnelly jackets ask them what car he drive five or six years ago the would not know, all they know and care about is world rally cars or if some one crashes they love to see that.i was navi'n in a car about two years ago we hit a wall there was a big cheer from the spectators none of them helped us to get the car off the road or even ask us were we hurt
thats the way its always been:barf:
petrol heads with a 1.0 12v corsa laughing i could go harder round that in my car d-i-c-k-s:mad:
You can receive outside assistance if it is to assist you in re gaining the road.
Originally posted by abe1234
thats the way its always been:barf:
petrol heads with a 1.0 12v corsa laughing i could go harder round that in my car d-i-c-k-s:mad:

yea, wasters, theyre cars maybe have gofaster neons and a gofaster petrol cap tho....v v quick! (not slagging them all ;))
dats the way it is everywhere now. I was having this conversation already with a few people over the weekend as it happens. Its obvious that the interest in rallying has rocketed over the past few years and we were wondering why I cant even find 1 or 2 people to help out servicing my rallycar whenever I take it out. I have plenty friends who go to rallies but actually they know very little about whats going on,and wouldnt lift a finger to help, also, if they come home without seeing someone going off they are disappointed, and like abe1234 said earlier, I also hear the" I could go round there faster myself" s**t... Dat really gets on my nerves.One quick spin down a stage would quieten alot of them I reckon.
fuck yeah! I hate that crap of only coming to a rally to see an off!!

Put them on the outside of a flat left over crest and see if the want a car to go off then!! idiots
Another matter which was obvious at the weekend was the amount of boy racers which were acting the pineapple. I seen it Sunday groups of them travelling in convoy spinning wheels and throughing cars sideways coming out of junctions. These pineapples bring far too much negative attention to the sport as if people outside the sport dont have a bad opinion of rallying already. These are the boys standing up on the ditches laughing and cheering when we make an mistake on a stage.
There s alot of those PINEAPPLE BOYS around Mallow witout there being any rally on gather in packs like pigeons wit neon lights
i too have one of the expensive rally coats but i never wear it to a rally incase you have the opportunity to push someone out. Its not about seeing an off - its about all sticking in together and getting the guy back on the road asap!

You know the wasters as soon as you see them - designer jeans, subaru coats and white trainers in the middle of slieveanorra forest in the heart of winter!

The spectator points in the ulster were good for keeping all the wasters in a secured area but the spot we went too there was lots of guys off and they relied on the spectators to get them out! It seems all the wee snobby folk are just there to pose. We go in the worst clothes we have incase ur needed to jump into a ditch to get someone out - Thats what going to rallys is all about for the die-hard fans!! Folk who just go to see the big cars only and slag everyone else off are wasters.

Off here to get the waterproof gear for toshiba!


Originally posted by realdriversdoitloose
in packs like pigeons wit neon lights
that's the best description Ive heard for them yet :laugh:

there not all bad at the same time! it just seems to be that when ever there's a rally there's a twincam or a 325 sport head about that have the rite to act like hooligan's on the open road :barf:
im no angel but some of the things ive seen them at is unbelievable-drink driving or passing over hills or corners etc.
Whats with guys turning up at the stages dressed ready for a night out ?
I admit i wear me rally jacket but its only used for rallies and thus gets a fair bit of abuse. We recently helped push John McGlaughlin out of a ditch at the Lakeland - we ran a couple of hundred yards to assist but it seemed like there wouldn't be enough people willing to help to get him out anyway - but eventually we succeeded
abe1234, like ya said, i'm sure none of us are angels but some of the stuff ya see around rallies is unbelievable. We were towing a car off the last stage at the weekend and instead of going out to the end of a stage, we turned off at one of the last junctions which was a hairpin. We went out and came to a junction which was a bit of a weird 5cross roads. There was a lock up mark solid for bout 60m and then whoever it was mounted the ditch. Also coming back from Kanturk, someone obviously missed the 200 road works and detours signs along with the 200 cones and still managed to go straight on into the ditch at the turn off where there was heavy 2 way traffic all day!

Also on the initial point, we had the same problem in Wexford where a friend of mine slid off the road on the last stage. The only people interested helping us was bout 1or2 locals and the rest were welshmen! Probably to afraid of tearing there jackets! Your there roaring and shouting at them to come on and give you a hand and they either laugh or look completly shocked that you actually expect them to give someone a hand!
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